8 Tips for Effective Virtual Teams

Virtual team members may be working with each other in very different cultures, time zones, and/or environments. One of the key benefits of a virtual team is that organizations can select the best talent from anywhere in the world. There are challenges that virtual teams need to overcome.

Core Values: Wall Posters or Culture Builders?

People need to know how they are expected to behave at work, or they will interpret the organization's Core Values based on their own. Cynicism about Core Values can grow quickly if people do not understand them, or if they don't think they will be held accountable to demonstrate them, or if those with the most control and power ignore them.

Vision and Mission

Why does it matter if there is confusion about Vision and Mission statements, or if they are written in a certain way?

Strategic Planning Made Simple

Do the words “strategic plan” energize you or drain you? Don't let perceptions about strategic planning as a boring, lengthy, complicated process keep you from creating a roadmap for success in the workplace.

Identity Crisis: Are we a TEAM or a WORKING GROUP?

Why does it matter if a group identifies themselves as a team or a group? Because understanding the distinction can make a huge difference in what, how, and when work gets accomplished.