Modern Lives are Weird!

Inactivity is the new normal, and there is a serious price to be paid for this change. For the first time in recorded history, children have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

The Problem With Praise

Praise is like sugar. Given too liberally or in an inappropriate way, it spoils. But offered carefully and sparingly, it can be a wonderful thing! This article examines how parents, teachers, and coaches should and should not use praise and criticism.

Can Sports Make Schools More Attractive Places for Students?

Absenteeism is a serious problem for schools around the world. It damages educational performance, and its effects can be felt for years later. Could sports offer a constructive solution to this perennial problem?

Do Sports and Other Physical Activities Build Self-Esteem?

Do sports and other physical activities build self-esteem? What does research from around ther world tell us, and why does it matter? And, most importantly, what do teachers, coaches and parents need to know about children development and sport to make sure that all children and young people have positive sporting experiences?

Healthy Body and a Sound Mind?

The Roman poet Juvenile popularised the motto “a sound mind in a healthy body”. But is this really the case? What is the relationship between physical health and mental power, and why does it matter for schools?

Learning to Move, Moving to Learn?

A fascinating experiment was carried in with a group of 10 and 11 year children in Paris, France in the 1950s. It raised some fundamental questions about education, physical activity and how children learn.