If you're like millions of Americans, yesterday you overate at your Thanksgiving meal. Many of you may feel discouraged that you indulged in excess and that your waist is expanding because you "lost control" at your family gathering.

But I'm here today to tell you to Celebrate-even if you feel bloated, blue and puffy.

You read right. I'm suggesting that instead of beating yourself up for "failing" again to stick to your diet or plan, you rejoice that you overdid it. Yes, cut yourself a break! First of all, the cards were stacked against you. Many people feel it's downright un-American not to overeat on Thanksgiving!

Besides, you're only human, and as humans, we sometimes fall flat on our faces. But that's OK. What's important is what you do now. Will you pick yourself up and start again?

You see, the key to eating success-or any kind of success-lies in our so-called "failures." Sometimes, it takes "failing" just one more time for you to snap to attention and finally succeed. (In fact, back in 1998, it took repeatedly messing up for me to finally quit sweets for good.)

So today, after your Thanksgiving excesses, I urge you to forgive yourself. Affirm today at least 10 times: "I forgive myself for overeating on Thanksgiving." While stating your affirmations, really feel forgiveness for yourself.

You'll find-as my coaching clients have-that being compassionate to yourself and pardoning yourself for "food sins" allows you to move forward with confidence, understanding and a clean slate.

Today is also a great opportunity to decide that for the rest of the holiday season, if you feel like overeating, instead you'll express gratitude. Indeed, I urge you to be thankful that you have wonderful foods from which to choose. Before every snack or meal and whenever junk foods or sugary "treats" beckon, inwardly say, "Thank you for the foods, which help me to live and become a better me."

To repeat, I invite you to get going with two tiny steps.

1) Forgive yourself. Repeat your affirmation 10 times today: "I forgive myself for overeating on Thanksgiving or afterwards." Then really feel forgiveness for yourself.

2) Say thanks. Before every snack or meal and whenever junk foods or sugary "treats" beckon, inwardly say, "Thank you for the foods, which help me to live and become a better me."

That's it. Forgive Yourself and Say Thanks. And please let me know how it goes. Get more tips to halt holiday overeating here.

Plus, I also invite you to sign up for my Sweeter Holiday Summit. When you join, you'll have a chance to get inspired, helped and encouraged by 35+ experts in health, wellness, organization, the Law of Attraction, abundance and fitness, including "FlyLady" Marla Cilley, Spiritual Entrepreneur John Assaraf and Office Yoga expert Darrin Zeer. Just sign up at www.SweeterHoliday.com

About the Author

Connie Bennett

Connie Bennett is a certified health counselor, life coach, journalist, the author of Sugar Shock!, and host of the "Gab With the Gurus" radio show.

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