A reader commented on my previous post:

Thank you for this article. Women who do not even try to breastfeed their children are in my mind practicing a form of child abuse. Some have valid reasons for not breast feeding that should be respected but, many just don't like the hassle if it. Even working women are now allotted plenty of time at work to pump. If they are not given this time, they should sue. Yes it's a pain, but it is such a gift to your child. I question the readiness to be a mother of any women who would deny her child the proven benefits of brestfeeding without a very very very good reason.

While there are certainly many benefits to breastfeeding, I absolutely disagree with characterizing a decision not to breastfeed as a form of child abuse. As a Pediatrician, I do my best to encourage breastfeeding, and to help mothers who are having difficulties overcome them.  I feel strongly, however, that this is a very personal choice which each mother has to make, and worthy of respect, regardless of what her decision is.




Dennis Rosen, M.D.

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Dennis Rosen, M.D.

Dennis Rosen, M.D., is a pediatric pulmonologist and sleep specialist who practices at Boston Children's Hospital.

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