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Your Mother Was Right (Again!)

A group of scientists recently confirmed that a widely-used home remedy for treating the common cold is, in fact, quite effective.

Why Cleanliness Is Not Always Next To Godliness

A study published this week in Pediatrics found that children in households in which dishes are washed by hand—rather than by dishwasher—are much less likely to suffer from allergies
Pencil Drawing of Sleeping Child, Vanderpoel

The Effect of Napping on Toddlers’ Nighttime Sleep

A recent review of 26 different studies on how napping during the day effect the sleep of toddlers at night found that there is, indeed, a connection between the two.

Insufficient Childhood Sleep And Teenage Overweight

A new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics on December 11th 2014 found a strong connection between insufficient sleep in early childhood and overweight in adolescence.

Who Says That Coffee Is Bad For You?

While most of us wouldn’t think of giving our kids a double espresso alongside their yogurt and banana for breakfast, it turns out that many people’s preconceptions about the negative effects of caffeine may be based more on fiction than on fact.

Training A Seven-Month-Old To Sleep

"My 6.5-month-old son is not sleeping normally. What form of sleep training is suitable for my son?"

The Dreams Of The Dying

Coming to terms with death extends beyond conscious thought, and is reflected in the visions and dreams of the dying. These can be so vivid as to disturb others, but are in fact a natural part of death.

Dreaming of Failure may Actually Be a Good Thing

It’s happened to most of us: the night before a big test, presentation, or job interview our sleep (which we so desperately need that night even more than others) is plagued by disturbing dreams in which we oversleep, miss our bus, arrive three hours late, forget our pencils, prepare the wrong material, or simply fail miserably and look like complete idiots.

Triggering Sleep-Talking

A reader asks whether the headaches she has been experiencing could causing her to talk in her sleep especially vividly.

Teaching a Child to Self-Soothe: Not for Everyone

A reader feels that her daughter is mistreating her grandchildren by not actively helping them to fall asleep.

Video Gaming and Poor Sleep

A reader worries that her eight-year-old cousin’s addiction to horror movies and violent video gaming may be disturbing his sleep

Is This For Real?

A reader wrote in with a question about a friend’s very eccentric behavior during sleep,and is worried that she may be the victim of an elaborate hoax.

Why Won’t My Toddler Sleep?

Advice to a reader on how to get her three-year-old daughter to sleep.

Scared Sleepless

…Everything was going fine until recently. He would indeed talk in his sleep every now and then, mostly about things that had happened to him during the day, or about other ordinary topics. This changed several nights ago…

Lower Your Blood Pressure by Getting More Sleep

One more reason to get a good night's sleep.

“… But My Niece Sleeps 12 Hours Every Night!”

I meet a fair number of parents whose kids don’t fall asleep as fast, or stay asleep as long as they’d like, and certainly not as long as other kids they know. Or so it seems.

Soothing Night Terrors

Preventing night terrors and other confusional arousals in children.

Limit-Setting And Better Behavior In Kids

A recent study found that kids whose parents set regular bedtimes for them were better behaved. But why? There’s probably more than just one reason.

Sleeping Around The Clock

If your teen is like most, he enjoys staying up late, and sleeping in even later during the summer. That can make getting him back on a regular schedule in time for school really daunting. Tired of nagging for him to go to bed earlier in the evening and to get him out of bed earlier in the morning? There's another way that will probably prove a lot easier for both of you.

Getting Your Child’s Sleep Back On Track In Time For School

Summer’s almost over, and the kids are headed back to school in just a few short weeks. Here are seven things you can do to help make your child’s transition an easier one by getting their sleep back on track.

Helping Your 3-Year-Old Settle Into Sleep at Night

What do you do with a preschooler who just won't go to sleep? Some advice for a mother who writes about her 3 1/2 year old that "for the past 6 months, getting her to go to sleep at night has been a nightmare."

Watching TV Before Sleep Is A (Sleep) Losing Strategy

Many people watch television right before they go to sleep. Indeed, I’ve met many people who claim that they are unable to fall asleep unless there is a TV on in their bedroom. However, new research suggests that is counterproductive.

6 Ways Your Bedroom May Be Sabotaging Your Sleep

We all know that getting ourselves (or our kids) into bed is only half the struggle when it comes to falling asleep. Lying there, or tossing and turning as the minutes turn into hours while sleep continues to eludes us is really frustrating. But did you know that your sleep environment may be playing a big role in why it's so hard for you fall asleep at night?

Understanding Our Children’s Dreams

We all dream during sleep. While we may not always pay attention to the content of our dreams, they can be extremely vivid, and associated with a wide range of emotions (sadness, fear, elation) that carries over into wakefulness. This is as true for adults as it is for children: in fact, many adults can recall in great detail dreams that they had decades earlier.

Too Much TV May Make Your Child Anti-Social

New study finds that greater television viewing in childhood and adolescence linked to anti-social behavior in early adulthood.

Medicine Instead Of CPAP For Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Does the prospect of having to wear CPAP each night, every night, for the foreseeable future keep you from sleeping? A new study holds out the promise of one day being able to treat obstructive sleep apnea with a pill, instead of CPAP.

Turning Off the Lights So That Your Child Will Fall Asleep

A reader emails asking for advice about how to transition her child to sleeping without needing all the lights in her bedroom turned on.

Night-Time Breathing Disorders A Cancer Risk?

Obstructive sleep apnea, a condition in which the soft portion of the throat collapses during sleep and blocks the flow of air into the lungs, causes lots of problems for a great many people. Now, it appears that men under the age of 65 who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea may also have a greater risk of developing cancer.

Why You Don't Want to "Sleep Like A Baby"

A reader writes about struggling with her baby's sleep (or lack thereof).

Medical Conditions Which Can Disturb Your Child's Sleep

Many kids wake up at night, especially younger ones, and most of the time, it is because of non-medical reasons. However, some children do have underlying medical problems interfering with their sleep which require further investigation.