What will they think of next? I just read about a new tie coming out next month that has a “cushy” benefit: it converts into a pillow for a midday nap.

Heads up, Dads.  You might be seeing this for Father’s Day.

The aptly named Pillow Tie looks like any normal tie when it’s worn with a suit. But behind it lies a discreet air bag in the backside with a small mouthpiece to blow up. The way the air bag is positioned, the person wearing it only has to lift the tie to his mouth and voila! He’s got a highly portable place to lay his head and get some shuteye. And, according to the manufacturers, the tie needn’t be removed from the neck at all. It also deflates in seconds (good for when the boss comes calling). Other interesting stats:

  • It’s made from a microfibre and silk blend, which means it likely won’t crease or leave a mark on your face when you lie on it.
  • The inflatable air bag, made from durable PVC plastic, can hold a head weighing up to 25 pounds and is completely undetectable when worn and deflated.
  • Sixty designs. Lots of colors to choose from.
  • Bonus: it’s touted to help not just the cubicle dweller, but can be used to cushion your head against a window on a train or in a car.

Does it live up to its marketing? The company’s slogan is clever: “Because most functions that require a necktie... deserve to be slept through.”

I love innovation, particularly when it comes to products that support sleep. From masks to monitors, there are a slew of products available today to help you get all the restful sleep you need. Don’t be afraid to try one (just don’t blame me if you’re found sleeping on the job).   

The need to invent a product to allow for comfortable napping in situations where a pillow isn’t handy (but a tie is?), tells me a few things.  There are some pretty creative folks out there.  But particularly inventive and unique products, like the pillow tie, make me stop and wonder about the rationale and the need.  If we weren’t so sleep deprived as a society, would this type of product come to market? Nothing substitutes for a great night of quality sleep. 

Sweet Dreams,

Michael J. Breus, PhD

The Sleep Doctor™


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