3 Tips to Finding Love When You’re Older

It takes a willingness to stay the course and not give up.

Death, Grief and Pasta

Being distracted or spacy is part of grieving and that’s normal

Five Things You Should Know About Death

What to expect to feel when someone dies

4 Steps to Making Better Decisions

Our inner wisdom is an invaluable tool in making decisions.

Dreading the Holidays?

Holidays can remind people that their family is dysfunctional, or uncaring or nonexistent or that it’s been a really hard year.

The Pluto Effect

If there’s a chance that you might be affected by an ending or transition, consciously anticipating that it might happen might help.

Say Yikes to the Dress

Beauty, for better or for worse, has always mattered in our culture and is so much more in the limelight at a wedding.

Weight Comments Can Hurt

Weight comments can cause shame as well as triggering episodes of restrictive eating, binging and bizarre dieting.

4 Tips to Help Your Love Search

How do you deal with the fact that searching for love can be difficult?

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

How to know when to go

Infinitely Dad

Insight into how confusing and paradoxical mental illness can be for the rest of the family.

Have You Ever Been Told You Were Needy?

Oftentimes, needy is about reacting to the other—feeling neither heard nor understood.

Please Don’t Wish Me a Happy Valentine’s Day

How do you get through a holiday when "happy" is not at all how you feel?

Does the "Evil Eye" Exist?

Scholars could not be definitive in dismissing such beliefs and rituals as ridiculous.

Do You Know Why You Can't Lose Those Last Few Pounds?

Sometimes people who are perfectionists, very organized and highly driven struggle with one area of “imperfection” --they choose to not control their eating

Is Dating Hard?

The problem with dating is having patience with what is out of your power to control.

Telling Someone Exactly How You Feel is Overrated

Although we live in a culture that celebrates directness, assertiveness and the ability to be heard, all behaviors have consequences.

Mindful Eating—A New Year, a New You

The one thing you should do to control your weight

Disengaging From a Fight

No, I'm not having this argument—at least not now.


The way to achieve balance between work and play.

You Can't Decide, So What Should You Do?

Giving yourself permission to stall or do nothing helps decrease stress and allows you a more peaceful platform to think

Learn to Like How You Look

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be totally fine with yourself?

Why You Date Someone

It takes three things for "happily ever after" to be possible

Does Public Speaking Make You Nervous?

If you think that everyone can tell that you are nervous, there is a really good chance that they have no idea.

How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels

We all deal with stress all the time and solutions happen all the time.

"I’m Always Late"—How to Change That

As a therapist, I’ve heard the complaint, “I’m always late” many, many times. By becoming aware of three important factors that contribute to chronic lateness, you just might become one of those people who is always on time.

The Question You Need to Ask on Your First or Second Date

Dating is never easy and trying to figure out if this is the one can be daunting. But by asking at least one particular pointed question during the first few dates, you can improve your ability to assess relationship potential and avoid what I refer to as "relationship doom."