5 Top Parenting Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Tweaking how you respond to tantrums or aggression, whining or back talk can put an end to power struggles and create loving, lasting bonds with your children.

Children Are Not Career Killers, But…

Waiting just a few years to start your family makes a big difference in income gains or losses. Is there one age that’s better than others?

The Best Way for Adult Children and Parents to Communicate

Do you use the most satisfying ways to stay in touch with your adult children? Why calling and texting may not be ideal for parents.

How We Shortchange Our Youngest Learners

Preschoolers are working more, but learning less. Have we set the “bar” too high for young learners?

Parenting Teens for Healthy Self-Esteem—Barbie's Role

This new book outlines ways parents can help their daughters develop a positive self image.

Understanding and Mastering the Empathy Gap

It is effortless to be enthusiastic. Most of us believe that the more we share, the more people will like us. We don't understand the empathy gap.

The Science to End the Baby Care “Mommy Wars”

Parents face conflicting advice as they make decisions during baby’s first year. Separate the hype from the evidence on these hot button issues.

The Experimental Transplant that May be Here to Stay

The technology to merge egg and sperm outside a woman’s body is now standard procedure in combating infertility. Can we see a future in which uterine transplants, like kidney or heart transplants, occur without intense scrutiny and/or objection?

Cyber Santa vs. The “Real” Deal

Santa apps promise to keep the magic of St. Nick alive, but can they?

9 Signs Your Child Has Entitlement Issues

If you are an overly involved or protective parent, you probably feed your child’s sense of entitlement. Learn how to turn the tide.

Does Your Birth Order Actually Matter?

Personal experience often trumps scientific facts: We expect the oldest to be responsible, the middle child to rebel. New proof shows that birth order isn’t as influential as we think in determining adult personality or intelligence. Are you confusing birth order expectations with age difference?

Will You Be a New Traditional Family?

In Seattle, nearly 47 percent of households with children are one-child families. Within a few years, half of UK families will be one-child families. Why are more people choosing the single-child family? Will only child stereotypes finally disappear?

Should You Opt Your Child Out of Standardized Testing?

In some districts, nearly a month of school time is devoted to preparing for standardized tests. Is it worth the modest gains?

How to Support and Nurture Your Child's Passions

In an effort to help their children stand out, parents attempt to guide kids toward a specific area of “passion.” When it comes to parenting, passion and specialization are often confused.

When are Difficult Sibling Relationships Worth the Struggle?

Some sibling disagreement is healthy even as it taxes parents’ patience, but some can be enduringly divisive. How brothers rectified their lifelong disputes.

Does Your Child Have an Inner Compass?

The Compass Advantage gives parents, educators, and all those who work with children and teens a framework to lay the foundation for children’s developing sense of self and future functioning in the world.

The 3 Types of Parents Who Get Bullied By Their Own Children

Mindfulness is not a word often associated with parenting. Neither is self-mastery. But without either it's impossible to have a healthy relationship with your child. Parents committed to working on themselves rarely fall victim to continued bullying by their children.

Avoiding ADHD’s Wide Net: One Parent, One Child at a Time

Before you accept an ADHD diagnosis (and stimulant medication), as a parent it is your responsibility to consider what else might be causing your child’s difficult behaviors.

How Allowing Children to Fail Helps Them Succeed

In our highly competitive parenting environment how do you learn to back off and let your children stumble, struggle, even fail? Here, why you should and how you can.

Want a Memorable Life? Live One.

Some not-so-obvious benefits of time off—from improved sleep and sex life to stronger family bonds and reduced risk of dying from a heart attack.

Why Smartphones at the Playground are a Dumb Idea

Texting, snapping photos, checking email—smartphones at the playground are as ubiquitous as strollers these days. But a new study finds cell phone use leaves parents and caregivers far more distracted than they realize or want to be. Should you be worried?

8 Reasons to See the Film “Infinitely Polar Bear”

The true story of one family’s resilience, determination, and love in the face of odds most of society and much of the medical industry think insurmountable.

Who Shares Better, Same-Sex or Different-Sex Couples?

For most heterosexual couples, the partner with the fatter paycheck does less on the home front. Not so in same-sex couples. Those of us in traditional marriages and partnerships can learn a lot from “modern families”…and feel happier and less burdened.

Once Private, Growing Up Is Now Public

The journey of growing up was once personal; now it is so public. Today teenagers’ sense of selves ar being defined by what they see on You Tube and Facebook and how they present themselves on social networking sites. How can parents keep their teenagers safe and raise them to be successful, caring, and productive adults in the face of technology’s grip? Here, a roadmap.

8 Tips for Letting Go of Your College Grad’s Job Hunt

More and more young college grads find themselves jobless or underpaid, living with their parents again and job hunting. The situation can feel like a minefield. Discover when to step in and when to back off as your young adult looks for employment.

What Happens When the Whole Family Plays with Food?

What to make for dinner? What will the kids eat? How to get everyone to the table for dinner in spite of packed schedules? Challenges worth meeting. Family therapy can be helpful, but family dinner is transformative.

The Perfect Storm: Twitter, Marijuana and the Teen Brain

Young Twitter users favor marijuana. Teen Twitter chatter about “pot” is high and influential for the risk-prone teenage brain. Twitter, marijuana and the developing teenage brain create the potential for a perfect storm.

Pregnant? Easier to Be Fired Than You Think

Pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant? More women are working while pregnant and working longer into their pregnancies than in previous decades, especially among those having their first child. In spite of laws to protect them, employers find ways to discriminate, circumvent the laws and dismiss them.

The Science and Tools to Put Baby on a Wellness Path

Baby holds his breath; baby loses hair; baby cries for hours. What to do? A new book has answers to reduce parental anxiety and give baby the best beginning to optimize your child’s first crucial 18 months.

Should I Keep My Firstborn an Only Child?

In terms of the level of education, aspirations and achievement, firstborns and only children excel. Of the 12 men who walked on the moon, all were firstborns or only children. What gives firstborns and only children this distinct advantage?