Involved In-Laws: A Blessing or a Curse?

Where do you draw the line between indulgent and helpful in-laws? Would you reject meals delivered five times a week?

The Shockingly Young Age That Girls Turn Mean

Parents have the power (and the tools) to stop the widespread and insidious “Mean Girl” trend.

The Right Kind of Praise May Boost Academic Performance

Do you use person praise or process praise with your children? The distinction is important.

New Study Underscores Why Fewer Toys Is the Better Option

Parents may be giving their young children too many toys. In terms of development and creativity, less is more. Here's why.

9 Ways Adult Children Can Avoid Regressing During Holidays

At what point do you get to be the grown-up? Adult children can change holiday traditions and family plans without reverting back to past mommy-daddy child roles.

10 Ways to Deal with Mom-Shaming

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6 Parenting Practices You Probably Don’t Do, but Should

America’s children, and parents, are not tapping into a healthy and vital learning reservoir. Here are some Scandinavian parenting tips you'll want to consider adopting.

How to Measure Your Parenting Stress Level

How to get the stress related to your children under control and keep sane and calm during the parenting journey

Does Birth Order Affect Personality?

A new study suggests only children are more creative, but less agreeable. Why parents shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Why People Still “Feel Sorry” for Only Children

How many only-child stereotypes can you name?

Three Key Considerations in Selecting Your Child’s Therapist

What’s more important? Managing your child’s behavior or making your child feel safe? Do you know why?

What Your Therapist (or Patient) May Be Thinking

Ever wonder what your therapist is thinking? Or what your patient is not telling?

Janet Jackson Gives Birth at 50: Two Older Mother Pluses

Waiting to have your babies? It can be difficult and expensive to have babies older, but new research reveals potential benefits.

To Live or Not Live with Parents: Why You Shouldn't Worry

Surprisingly, living with Mom and Dad on a daily basis is not as unsettling as you might think.

Older, Single, and Choosing to Be a Parent—Why Not?

The number of single parents of all ages is growing. Is there a “correct” timeframe or blueprint for becoming a parent?

What Great Parents Do: Are You Doing It?

75 Bite-size chunks of sensible strategies for raising children. How many do you use?

13 Signs of Potential Mental Illness in a Child

Nearly one in five children is affected with an emotional or behavioral disorder. Here, signs to recognize such problems and how to find help.

The Other Einstein—Was There One?

At what point can a writer legitimately cross the line between fact and fiction?

Is Empty Nest a Myth?

Is sending your child off to college as emotionally draining and stressful as having a newborn or raising a child during the middle school years? What new research tells us.

Single Mothers: Psychological Problems for Kids?

Do children of single mothers have more psychological problems than children raised by two parents?

Are You Your Millennial Child’s New Spouse?

More young adults are moving home than are getting married or living on their own. Here are 6 ways to the smooth transition.

6 Benefits for Children of “Older Mothers”

Much is said about the benefits—and drawbacks—of women waiting to have babies, but what are the potential pluses for the children of older mothers?

Birth Order Puts Children at Risk for Overweight

Studies find the likelihood of a child being overweight is related to birth order, gender, or the absence of siblings. Are the studies “fat” with flaws?

One Surefire Way to Reduce Bullying

How to change children’s “all-about-me” attitudes into empathetic actions.
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5 Top Parenting Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Tweaking how you respond to tantrums or aggression, whining or back talk can put an end to power struggles and create loving, lasting bonds with your children.

Women: Want to Make More Money? Have Babies After 30

Waiting just a few years to start your family makes a big difference in income gains or losses. Is there one age that’s better than others?

The Best Way for Adult Children and Parents to Communicate

Do you use the most satisfying ways to stay in touch with your adult children? Why calling and texting may not be ideal for parents.

How We Shortchange Our Youngest Learners

Preschoolers are working more, but learning less. Have we set the “bar” too high for young learners?

Parenting Teens for Healthy Self-Esteem—Barbie's Role

This new book outlines ways parents can help their daughters develop a positive self image.

Understanding and Mastering the Empathy Gap

It is effortless to be enthusiastic. Most of us believe that the more we share, the more people will like us. We don't understand the empathy gap.