The Three Types of Complaining

There are three types of complainers. Which are you?

Six Ideas for Making Great Recommendations

People often miss an opportunity to connect with others by missing the mark with their recommendations. Here's how to improve yours.
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The Fundamental Truth Halloween Reveals About Ourselves

Research shows that Halloween can bring out the best or worst in us.

What Men and Women Do Differently and Why It Matters

Although anger is a natural emotion, it is seen quite differently with regards to the sexes

The Surprising Connection Between Intelligence and Happiness

Researchers in positive psychology have long overlooked intelligence as an important topic of study. A new study sheds light on how smarts impacts happiness.

Why Safety Is Bad for Children

Ironically, protecting our children can harm them psychologically.

3 Mistakes That Happy People Make

Life's shiniest emotion has a dark side.

4 Ways to Start Simplifying Your Life

Here are 4 ways to simplify your life.

What You Should Know About Online Arguments

You aren't debating a point; you're debating a personality style and you will never win.

Who's Checking Out Who?

New research shows where he's really looking!
Andrew Stern

What to Do When Life Isn't Fair

You can learn an unexpected lesson about fairness from the Inuit.

How to Spot a Lie

Common lore holds that we can see a lie in small tics and averted eyes. The truth is that this technique is a much simpler way to catch dishonesty.

Your Happiness: Is It Yours or Someone Else's?

Modern people often assume they should be happy. It is time to question this assumption.

Laypeople Feel Qualified to Judge Psych Research

Non-expert people are fascinated by psychological science. Unfortunately, they are often forced to rely on popular media for their information about research. This leads to a series of systematic biases. A recent survey of people interested in positive psychology illustrates this point.

Are Hookups Psychologically Healthy?

In a recent study nearly 19 percent of college men reported having sex with someone they had known less than one week. What happened next?

3 Solutions to Problems in Higher Education

Once we quit treating the classroom like a workplace to be managed and start treated it like a laboratory full of discovery everyone will benefit.

The Bystander Effect on Success

If you know that your performance improves in the company of others why is so much of success a solitary pursuit?

What's So Positive About Positive Psychology?

People have long assumed that different positive psychology interventions are unique. What if they are all basically the same?

Will the Real Internet Profile Please Stand Up?

Because of a lack of editorial oversight it is tempting to inflate credentials and expertise when creating a professional on-line profile. In an era where everyone is an "authority" it is authenticity that sets people apart.

One Myth of Positive Psychology Clearly Explained

People want to believe that disability is associated with miraculous emotional recovery. Unfortunately, the results of studies do not bear this out. Here is an explanation of how scientific results can be perverted and lead to enduring myths.

5 Myths of Positive Psychology

For years the science of positive psychology has been a great source of knowledge regarding what "goes right" rather than what "goes wrong" with people. Unfortunately, it has also been the source of the most persistent misinformation about happiness.

Do You Want a "Designer Job?"

You no longer have to choose from existing college majors or, for that matter, existing professions. You can design your work despite the perils associated with striking out on your own.

Happiness Researchers Have Been Measuring the Wrong Thing

The Easterlin Paradox is one of the most famous findings in the annals of happiness research. Recent evidence suggests it might not be exactly what we originally thought.

The Five Minute Wait

Discover the mental trick to making a longer wait seem like a shorter wait!

The Hidden Cost of Punctuality

You were taught that punctuality is a virtue. You were taught wrong.

How to Avoid Regret!

Some people have been on the brink of death. They routinely report the same important life lesson. We should listen.

Women Are Braver Than Men

Not long ago, as I began writing the book The Courage Quotient, I decided to offer a cash prize for courage. I am not the first person to think of this idea.

A New Solution to Education

The solution to education might be found in the relationship between teachers and students.

What Do All People Have in Common?

This Saturday—February 11,2012—is called "World Happy Day." In part, this global event is related to the launch of a new documentary called Happy, directed by Academy Award nominee Roko Belic (Genghis Blues).