Write and Wrong: Personality and Handwriting

What can graphology really tell us about personality?

The OCD, Super Diligent, Over-Conscientious Boss

Being careful and detail oriented is often a very desirable at work. But is this optimal rather than maximal. Can there be too much of a good thing with regard to diligence.

Are Men and Women Portrayed Differently in TV Ads

Does television mirror or mould attitudes to gender differences? Why are males portrayed more often as professional authorities and women as naïve consumers all around the world

Defining and Debunking Assertions About Creativity

Is everyone creative? Can you learn to be (a lot) more creative? Are creativity people odd or difficult?

The Excitable and Mercurial Boss

What if you boss blows hot one day and the next cold? What if he or she is emotionally on a roller coaster? How best to cope?

Freud 101

Can you recognise when a person is using a particular defence mechanism?

The Capture Bonded Employee

Why do people continue to work for a nasty, bullying boss?

Everything Intelligence

Is the word "intelligence" grossly and meaninglessly over used in popular psychology?

The Advertising Surround

Manufacturers want you to remember their ads so that you later buy their product. But in what program do they get the best effect?

Schadenfreude: The Joy in Seeing Others Fail.

Some people experience more pleasure from seeing others fail than themselves succeeding. Is it healthy? Is this just envy and jealousy

The Imaginative, Idiosyncratic and Schizotypal Manager

What is Schizotypal Personality Disorder? Can you be a little schizotypal? Is this disorder related to creativity?

The Off-Duty Psychologist

How do people react when they find out you are a psychologist? What is the best way to cope?

Self-Actualization: What Does it Mean?

Many people know and love Maslow's need hierarchy but they have difficult explaining what self-actualising means. What did he mean?

The Psychology of Naughtiness

Naughty people enjoy breaking the rules and challenging authority. Should we punish or promote naughtiness?

Onion and Garlic Types: Internalisers or Externalisers

Anger in or anger out? Internaliser or Externaliser? Is it better or worse to over-indulge in onions or garlic?

The Colourful, Melodramatic Manager: Histrionic Disorder

Have you ever worked with or for a "drama queen"? Why is there doubt about the concept of Histrionic Personality Disorder?

Analysing and Managing your Boss

How smart is your boss? What is their personality profile? What really motivates them at work? The more you know about him or her the easier it is to manage them.

The Argumentative, Paranoid and Vigilant Manager

Is a little paranoia a healthy reaction to the modern office where so much of your behaviour is monitored?

Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery?

Attractive people get treated in life more favourably than unattractive people. Unfair but true. Is this why people choose cosmetic surgery to attempt to make them more attractive?

Narcissism at Work: The Arrogant Executive

We place emphasis on the benefits of high self-esteem. But when does high self-esteem turn into subclinical narcissism?

Music in Shops

Change a shoppers mood and you change their behaviour. That is why shops use smells and sounds to make us react and hopefully get us spending more

How Intelligent Are You?

There is a growing literature on self-assessed (self-estimated) as opposed to test-derived intelligence. The results are consistent but rather surprising.

Psychopaths at Work

There is increasing interest in the "normal psychopath". How do your recognise them and how should you react to them in the work place?

New Year Resolutions

It is the time for life change. What are you going to do? Or from past experience is it your resolve never to make new year resolutions?

The Psychology of the Christmas Card

There are many different types of cards to choose to send at Christmas. But what do they tell us about the sender?

Choosing a Therapy and a Therapist

How do you go to when you have a problem? Why do some therapies and treatments seem to work so much better than others? Are there some ingredients that are common to nearly all?

Culture Shock

People who travel often experience culture shock. Business people, students, missionaries and even tourists get a shock when they discover how differently others lead their lives

Tolerance of Ambiguity and Uncertainty Avoidance

How anxious are you when things are not clear? Learn more about uncertainty avoidance.

Self Awareness

Much of counselling and coaching, as well as education and therapy is about increasing self awareness.

Appetite for Risk: What Is Your Approach to Risk?

People are quite different in their appetite for risk. Are "risky types" risky in all their behaviors: in the workplace, in their personal relationships, in the way they drive, in what they eat and drink?