Detecting Darkness: How to Spot Leaders Who Will Derail

We know that leadership derail is both common and costly. We also know that there are many very good psychometric tests, which can help identify those who will derail. But so many selectors are afraid to use them. Why?

The Mind of the Authoritarian

It was around 70 years ago that the famous book entitled THE AUTHORITARIAN PERSONALITY was published. What was the central theory and how is it considered today

The Placebo Effect

How do you know a treatment is really working or if all effects are due to the placebo effect? How do scientists research and try and control for the placebo effect?

The Psychology of Dreaming

Is the psychology of dreaming a forgotten backwater? There are many claims made about how, when and why to interpret dreams but are they true?

The Catch-Phrase Technique

People often won't tell you what really motivates them. Many can't tell you because they do not have insight into their motives. Over the years, psychologist have tried to invent simple and efficient techniques that assess what people really think. One such is the catch-phrase technique.

How to succeed at work

How can you be really savvy at work? What advice would you give to someone just starting a job

An Expert Guide to Lies and Liars

We are all both good liars and hopefully good lie-detectors. Much of social life involves behaviours that are designed to cover up facts and create a particular impression. It makes sense to try and distinguish the types of lie that most people tell on a regular basis

Student Evaluations: Fudging the "Happy Sheets"

One way to see how good, or popular, a training or lecture course is, is to look at the evaluations of those who have been on the course. It is a form of customer satisfaction. These are becoming more important for the way courses are financed and therefore those who deliver them are eager to find ways to increase their positive ratings. What do the cynics suggest?

The Psychology of the Selfie

What factors should you take into consideration when posting a selfie on the web? What do photographs say about you?

Apostles and Terrorists: The Anatomy of Customer Loyalty

What makes you a blindly loyal customer of some restaurant or branded food-stuff? What do you do if you get really bad service or buy a product which is a dud? Organisations love the brand-loyal apostle who sings their praises. And they are rightly in fear of the media savvy brand-terrorist who wants to let everyone know how unhappy they have been with their purchase.

What Is Body Language?

Most people are fascinated about body language: how, how much, when, where, and why we communicate not be spoken but unspoken language. The topic has been investigated for more than 100 years by scientists from many different backgrounds. Yet, there remains many unsubstantiated claims by self-appointed experts. What do we know, and not know, about nonverbal communication?

Restorative Justice at Work

Should victims have a say in how those who are caught are punished? Is restorative justice both more fair and more effective than retributive justice?

Sex Differences in Negotiation Styles and Success

Is the bluff and bravado as well as the skills and attitudes of successful formal negotiation particularly associated with male characteristics? Do women negotiate differently from men? What advice do experts recommend for women to be more successful at negotiations?

The Clues to Deceit: The Psychology of Lie Detection

There has been a lot of rigorous and insightful research on lying. We are all good liars, but not all good lie detectors. What does the research tell us about this fascinating area?

What's Behind the Way We Make Decisions?

Some people seem to make better decisions than others. Some are better making business decisions but less good with personal issues. Some seem very quick, almost impulsive even with important decisions; while others are slow, deliberate and careful. What are the major dimensions that determine individual differences in decision making?

10 Ways to Get Happier

The positive psychologists seem pretty clear about the things you need to do to become and stay happy. They are neither surprising nor difficult but very good advice.

The Psychology of Christmas Gift Giving

For many people Christmas gift buying, and sometimes receiving, is a nightmare. It is very difficult because there is so much meaning attached to the gifts. What is the psychology of gift giving

Memory and Vision

Do you tend to look back or look forward? The more successful individuals and organisations have tended to be the more they are happy to look back with pride and satisfaction. But does that mean they are less likely to see the necessity of change and development?

The Secrets of Eye Contact, Revealed

We have been studying eye-gaze for 50 years. What determines when and where we look at other people? How does a knowledge of the psychology of eye gaze make us both more insightful and better communicators?

Compulsive Buying

The causes, manifestations and cures for compulsive shopping and spending are now better understood. This disorder seems more common than ever before in rich, materialist societies which seem to promote it. Why do some people develop this compulsion and what can we do about it?

Pay Secrecy: Do You Know What Your Work Colleagues Are Paid?

The best predictor of a person's satisfaction with their salary is their perception of its fairness compared to the pay of colleagues. It is not so much about "how much" they get but "comparatively how much" they are paid. Revealing salaries can make previously happy and contented workers extremely angry and disillusioned. So what should employers do?

We've Got Something for Everyone: The Barnum Effect

How can you convince somebody that you know all about them? How do "tricksters and charlatans" explore the rules of "cold reading" to manipulate people?

Really Changing Your Life

The concept of change is often anxiety-provoking and boring. You know how important and difficult it is and you have heard it all before. So what provokes adults into serious attempts to change their lives, particularly in the work-place? And what factors predict whether they will succeed or fail?

The Meaning of Touch

Why and when and where do we touch other humans? What can we learn from a handshake? What in an inappropriate touch?

Cupid among the Cubicles

Where do you likely to meet your idea partner? Speed-dating is old hat now. Perhaps a dating agency or a specialist website? Possibly. But the workplace remains the best place to search out a mate.

The Psychology of Waiting

Most of us hate waiting in queues. We are more and more used to instant access to things and get seriously grumpy and moody if we have to queue up for anything these days.So how do organisations try to cope with this problem and may necessary waiting tolerable?

Emotional Labour: A High Cost in Service Industries?

Some jobs involve physical labour. Other cognitive or intellectual labour. But some require a third sort of labour: emotional labour which is the requirement of having to express emotions that one does not feel. How do people in the service industry cope with the requirement to be inauthentic all the time?

The Surprising Psychology of Smiling

Can there really be a science of smiling. Using the research of cross-cultural, evolutionary and social psychology researchers have built up a surprising amount of interesting information about the smile

Doing a Phd.

Do you want to be called Dr? What does doing a PhD really involve? Will you ever get your investment back? How are the examined and what are the key features in passing?

Working Abroad: The Experience of Culture Shock

Travel has become easier and cheaper. We holiday, study and work abroad now more than ever. Many people find the adaptation required to thrive in a new culture and country much more difficult than they anticipate. So what is culture shock and how do people typically adapt?