Laura Weis with permission

The Freudian Account of Leadership Failure and Derailment

The Leadership literature shown that a surprisingly high number of business managers cock-up badly. The question is why and what the Freudian interpretation has to offer?

What Men Desire in a Woman

What is the evolutionary psychology of mate choice? What really "turns men on" and why?

The Psychology of Queuing

Why is waiting in line so miserable?

Interpersonal Attraction

What has evolutionary science to say about physical attractiveness?

The Control Freak

Why do some people need to exercise constant and control of their own lives and others around them? Are they really freaks or is this need both relatively common and even adaptive?

Avoidant Personality Disorder

How can you best help and understand those with Avoidant Personality Disorder?

The Military and Management Incompetence

Forty years ago Norman Dixon wrote The Psychology of Military Incompetence. It is the story of lost battles and poor generalship. It has important lessons for us today.

Psychosexual Stages: Freud’s Theory of Personality

Is it true that many of our adult behaviours are a function of unresolved conflicts in childhood?

The Psychology of Meetings

Meetings waste hours. Why do we have so many of them? Does them improve decision making? How to make them more efficient and effective.

You're So Vain

There is a great deal of interest in narcissism and many claims about who and why certain groups are clinically and sub-clinically narcissistic

Monitoring the Self: Are You a High or Low Self-Monitor?

People who seem more socially skilled and confident than others may be more tuned in to their own behavior.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: the Right and Left Brain

Are some people really left or right brained as they are left or right handed? Have we taken this idea too far? Does neuro-science in any way support any of these ideas?

Sadistic Personality Disorder

The concept of Sadistic Personality Disorder did not last long in the DSM manuals, yet we have all experienced the nasty, aggressive sadist at work.

Self-Defeating Personality Disorder

Some people seem their own worst enemy. Why do they irrationally put themselves in this position? And, more importantly what can we do to help them

The Meaning of Christmas Gift-Giving

Why is it so difficult to purchase the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one, relative or work-mate? What does your choice say about you and about them?

Where Has Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder Gone?

Personality disorders are highly disputed diagnostic labels. Passive-aggressiveness may not be a personality disorder, but the behavior pattern is well recognized in the workplace.

Hire Emotionally Intelligent People

It is not difficult to spot those who are, or are not, emotionally intelligent. Certainly emotional intelligence is a high benefit in the work place for all concerned

The Machiavellian Boss

How do we define and understand the Machiavellian approach to life? Is it a personality trait or a belief system? What does psychology have to say about this 500-year-old concept?

The Benefits of Adversity

How do you react when things go wrong? Some say we learn nothing from success but a lot from failure.

Are They Up to It? (And Up for It?)

There are two essential questions to ask when thinking of promoting people at work.

Resistance to Change

Why is changing your habits and your lifestyle so difficult? Nearly all diets fail because they stop. The only successful change program is lifestyle change.

Counter Work Behaviors

Bosses are really worried about bad behavior at work like theft, bullying etc. But why do employees sometimes misbehave?

People Who Interview Well

Are some people massively advantaged by the interview process and others seriously disadvantaged? Does this make it a poor selection device and if so, when and why?

I'm OK, You're OK

Transactional Analysis has important insights for us today.

The Anatomy of a Game Changer

The business world is obsessed with finding and nurturing real game changers. What are they like?

How to Become a Guru

Business Gurus make lots of money. Do they deserve the rewards and recognition that they get?

Appetite for Risk

Can we classify or categorize people according to the extent they enjoy risk taking?

To See Ourselves as Others See Us

Have you completed a JoHari Window? How easy is it for other people to get to know you? Do you really have self-insight into your strengths and weaknesses

Food at Work

Do you eat a sandwich or a salad in Dilbert cubicle or do you socialise in the canteen? Can your lunch or snack influence how you think and feel? And if so, what should you eat?

Why So Many Leaders Fail and Derail

There is a growing literature on the derailed executive. It outlines the paradox of leadership: that some of the factors that help you climb the greasy pole also cause failure!