Flaws in the Algo: How Social Media Fuel Political Extremism

New research documents just how forcefully social media algorithms are driving polarization.

How “Manipulation Armies” Are Undermining Democracies

A new report on the closed loops of disinformation stoking chaos and confusion almost everywhere.

ADHD Is Now Widely Overdiagnosed and for Multiple Reasons

In the U.S. and other developed countries, there are now clear signs that child and adolescent mental disorders are overdiagnosed.

The U.S. Is Not Doing Well Socially

The U.S. shows growing signs of being an unhappy, divided country, according to a string of indexes measuring national happiness and well-being.

The Gene Machine: An Interview with Bonnie Rochman

The expanding influence of genomics on our lives.

Fervor and Fanaticism

On the parallels between Trumpism and other mass movements.

Authoritarianism in America

On rereading “The Authoritarian Personality” in 2017.

Post-Election Vertigo

What the feeling of dislocation can teach us about these unsettling times.

America’s Opioid Epidemic

In the battle against opioid addiction, court-released documents show drug makers deliberately blocked efforts to curb prescribing.

How We Became ADHD Nation

How did we reach the point where one in seven American children is diagnosed with ADHD?

Neuroscience Research Faulted for Widespread Inaccuracies

Selective reporting and inflated effect sizes mar even high-impact studies in the neurosciences, according to two weighty new analyses.

Children and Antidepressants: The Question of Harm

The latest meta-analysis will intensify concern that antidepressants are ineffective and harmful.

Why Is Mental Health So Difficult to Define?

A stress on anticipated harmony and positivity is part of the problem.

The Effort to Rid TV of Pharma Ads

The average American TV viewer is exposed to up to 30 hours of prescription drug ads each year. Enough already.

How Outcome Switching is Corrupting Medical Research

According to two new studies, outcome switching in clinical trials is widespread.

Life Satisfaction and the Well-Being Gap

As income inequality rises, the well-being gap in most countries widens.

The Stress of Discrimination in the U.S.

Almost half the country reports significant, recurring discrimination tied to race and ethnicity.

Adderall Misuse Is Rising Among Young Adults

Adderall misuse among college and high school students increasingly is seen as unexceptional.

Psychiatry's Many Conflicts of Interest

On the "ethical perils" facing a branch of medicine now greatly beholden to its industry sponsors.

The Problem with Heroizing Robert Spitzer

One of the most influential psychiatrists of the twentieth century leaves a complex legacy.

The Biological Citizen: Neuropolitics as Aim and Danger

Neuropolitics is going global. To what end? At what cost?

Listening to Placebo, Especially in the U.S.

Why is the placebo effect intensifying sharply among Americans—and why now?

The Marketing of an Antipsychotic

Ghostwriters, massaged data, tiny print, and children’s toys—part of Big Pharma's arsenal of "defeat devices," outlined in Steven Brill's series, America's Most Admired Lawbreaker.

The Truth About "Study 329"

A major new study about a blockbuster antidepressant.

A Dramatic Rise in ADHD Diagnoses

Diagnoses of ADHD in school-age children jump 42 percent and the figures overall may be worse.

Breaking Up with One’s Meds

A chronicle of withdrawal syndrome from psychiatric meds.

The FDA, the DSM, Gender Equality, and “Female Viagra”

Will the FDA succumb to lobbyists accusing it of gender bias?

An Epidemic of Questionable Care

When does “low-value care” become no-value care?

Faulty Reporting on ADHD

Newspaper of record criticized for its tardy response to overmedicalization.

“Side Effects” Turns A Million

The blog "Side Effects" receives its millionth cumulative click.