The Borderline Personality: A Clinical Example

Ms. S finally found the "perfect" man. When the relationship failed he was not only transformed into a "loser" but had always been a loser.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Early Development

Borderline Personality Disorder is complicated, difficult to live with and treat. However, it is comprehensible and its understanding has relevance for a great many problems facing us today.

Shame: A Third Pillar of Civilization

Shame is an underrated emotion whose impact has been diluted in the last 40 years, all done with the best of intentions, and with cascading unintended consequences.

Vampires and Zombies: Monsters from the Zeitgeist

Our nightmares have changed. Vampires serve many different functions: They reflect a deep-seated anxiety over supplying and receiving sufficient emotional nurturance.

Simplifying Complexity

One of the problems facing our society is that we have lost the ability to determine what kinds of problems are solvable versus those that are not.

Why Do We Believe Nonsense?

 The "vaccines cause autism" canard has caused terrible pain and suffering for children in the last decade.  It was based on a fraud which has now been exposed by the British Journal of Medicine and raises the question of why we so easily believe nonsense.

The Triumph of Feminism: Porn Star Sex

This is where Porn Sex appears, in the appetites and refinements of the debauched wealthy and Narcissistic. For what is Porn Sex except the reification of perverse sexual fantasies? That is, Porn Sex is sex without regard to the desires and gratification of the partner.

Halle Berry Takes The "One-Drop Rule" From Tragedy to Farce

The One-Drop Rule is a vestige of a time in America when people were routinely considered racially inferior because of their ancestry.  It has now been inverted.

Vibrators and Other Forms of "Snake Oil"

Once upon a time Doctors used vibrators to treat Psychophysiological problems; their advice then was "state of the art" and wrong.  Today we have experts making all sorts of recommendations, some with serious public health consequences, and the evidence suggests they may also be "state of the art" and wrong.

On the Limitations of Parenting

 Amy Chua's description of her parenting is highly schematic and unbalanced; there is no single, "best" way to raise healthy children just as there is no single "best" definition of a healthy adult.

On the Collapse of Complex Societies

There are many current versions of Apocalypse porn; Mark Steyn offers an excellent example; there are also serious studies of Societal Collapse and Joseph Tainter's book is an important read.