Speaking From Beyond the Grave: How Psychological Autopsies Can Help Families Find Closure

For most of us life and accident insurance gives us the peace of mind of knowing that if the worst was to occur the people we love will not have to suffer financial hardship. But what if this piece of mind was erroneous and the truth is that your family will have to fight with the insurance company to get the benefits that they are owed?

The Three Blind Men, the Elephant, and the Rampage Killer

Was it possible to predict and prevent Jared Loughner from committing an act of violence? A look at the information that existed prior to January 8, 2011.

V for Vendetta, V for Vigilante

Many if not most people have had the fleeting fantasy of "getting even" with those who we feel have wronged us, but most of us are able to control the impulse, weigh the cost and benefit of such an action, and get beyond it.