Defining Who We Mean by "The Mentally Ill"

A social media survey shows we have no consensus on who we mean when we talk about people with mental illness.

Who Are These "Mentally Ill" People We Hear So Much About?

We hear about "the mentally ill" all the time. What constitutes "mental illness?" Please take a brief survey.

Psychiatric Medications for Life?

Is it true that an episode of psychosis requires medication for life? Dr. Thomas Insel talks about some interesting data that says 'maybe not for everyone.'

Medical Privacy: Gone for Good?

Who has access to your medical records? Your friends? Neighbors? The guy who stalks you? Do you know that your information gets pumped straight to the a databank the state holds?

Rising Suicide Rates: Have We Simply Failed?

Last week the CDC released figures that unequivocally show that suicide rates are increasing, most notably for baby boomers. What they don't show is why. There are many theories, but maybe the mental health system is failing? We need to know more about the people who suicide and the treatments they do or don't receive.

Gun Control and Mandatory Reporting of Dangerous Patients

Might mandatory reporting of dangerous persons actually increase violence?

Post Fixed: Take the CPT Survey on Readiness & Attitudes

CPT codes for psychiatry change this month. Are you ready? Confused? Happy? Angry? Please take the CPT code survey!

The End of The 50 Minute Hour?

In January, the way that mental health professionals bill for their services is going to change. It's all new, it's all too soon, and we have to wonder if all the complexity will add anything to helping patients.

Systematic Psychiatric Evaluation: Take Your Time!

Psychiatric evaluation is more than a checklist of symptoms.

Novel Downloads at the Right Price

Three novels are available as free downloads.

Home Inspection -- a novel about psychotherapy -- is now available free on Amazon

A novel set in a psychotherapist's office -- free for 4 days only

Home Inspection—a Novel About Psychotherapy and the Search for Love

Dinah of Shrink Rap invites you to download her novel for free

WhatsMyM3? App for Mental Health Screening and Symptom Tracking

Mental health screening? There's an App for that.

Rate My Shrink: Online Reviews of Mental Health Care Professionals

Mental health professionals and their online reputations.

Search Me?

A psychiatrist asks questions about the policies regarding patient body searches.

You're a Whore

A reader recently sent me this comment: "Frankly, I have little respect for Forensic Psychiatry these days. It is a whore subspecialty until proven otherwise, as it is doing what is financially convenient for the MD and just making general psychiatrists pick up the messes."

What Makes a Good Psychiatrist?

What characteristics make a psychiatrist good?

Technology and the Psychiatrist: Welcome Siri?

An overview of technology and psychiatric practice with links to tech-specific blog posts. Inspired by Dinah's experiments with Siri in clinical practice.
"Xanax Is My Favorite Palindrome"

"Xanax Is My Favorite Palindrome"

Dinah described a New York Times piece last week about a Kentucky clinic that has been so overwhelmed by patients requesting and abusing this very addictive anxiety medication that they have banned it from their practice.

"Sensitive" Electronic Health Information

The idea behind sharing patient data on a Health Information Exchange (HIE) is to make it easier for your doctor to share your health data with your cardiologist or psychologist. Patients should be the one to decide which elements of their health information should be treated with extra precautions and which should be considered routine, but ...

Survey on Attitudes Towards Psychiatry

Please help us get a sense of the public sentiment towards psychiatry, psychiatrists, and patients with psychiatric problems by completing our survey.

Running Out of Psychiatric Beds

Eastern Ontario has started a bed registry to keep track of where open psychiatric beds are available... EMTALA complaint because a patient sat in the ER all weekend... How many people with stroke or diabetes sit in ERs for days waiting to find a bed?