The Real Reason We Don't Exercise

People say they don’t exercise because they have no time, but in the same breath talk about how much they want to get healthy and how much they believe exercise is the path to health. It is a puzzling contradiction. Or is it?

Is the "Clean Eating" Movement a Form of Perfectionism?

The "clean eating" movement is what happens when perfectionism meets diet. Is it helping or hurting your effort to achieve a healthy weight? Find out.

How To Stop Hating Your Body

Why body dissatisfaction might be part of general life dissatisfaction...and what you can do to stop the cycle.

The Phrase We Should Never Say Again

A call for an end to the common phrase that keeps us all hating our bodies.

Are You a Mom or a Martyr?

The pressure on moms to be everything to everyone creates a vicious cycle of overworking, guilt, resentment, and self-neglect. Not surprisingly, this makes our lives unsatisfying and instead of looking inward, we turn on each other.

It's Time to Do Something About Your Sleep

Yes, you will sleep when you are dead, but not sleeping now may get you there sooner.

Why Does Weight Loss Feel Like 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back?

We lose five pounds and then gain three back. Lose another two, gain one more back. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing progress erased, but is this pattern a sign of failure? Or is it a sign that you are right where you need to be?

Do I Really Need to Count Calories to Lose Weight?

Why calorie counting works but is so hard to do.

How Goal Setting Can Hinder Your Success

Without goals we would wander aimlessly in life. But is it possible that we could wander aimlessly even with goals? It is not only possible, it’s very common.

How to Cheat Your Weight Loss Mobile App

We have a love/hate relationship with the weight loss app. You feed it information and it reflects back an image of YOU, just like a mirror. What you ate. How much you ate. How much you moved. How much you didn’t move. That late night Dunkin Donuts stop? Check. You skipped your workouts 5 days in a row? Check. It’s all in there. Or is it?

The Perfect Diet Does Not Exist

Research shows that no one diet is any better than another, but that adherence matters. So which diet is best? The diet that you can stick to...forever.

What Is Happiness Anyway?

I sought answers to the question of "What is happiness?" via longitudinal research studies and of course...Twitter. Both landed me in about the same place.

Obesity as a "Disease"

The American Medical Association labeled obesity a "disease" in a move to facilitate greater preventive care. Psychologists should figure prominently in the delivery of preventive care given that behavioral counseling programs have strong evidence for disease prevention yet are not widely available as a reimbursable service.

Fatkini: The Bathing Suit That Has Us Talking

The "fatkini" bathing suit trend is good news for women and body image, but the negative reactions are bad news for obesity stigma. If some women are finally accepting their bodies, why can't we accept them too?

Boston Marathon: Reflections from a Spectator

Psychology Today blogger reflects on the stories of inspiration and hope that make the Boston Marathon the momentous event that it is and always will be.

Why We Sabotage Ourselves

One step forward, two steps back. What is at the root of our tendency to undermine our happiness and health?
Should You Try That New Diet?

Should You Try That New Diet?

Everyday a new diet pops up on the market that promises to be the solution to our weight loss problems. How can they all be? Check out my easy 4 question BS test to find out if any diet out there is right for YOU.

Can Behavior Change Go Viral?

Social influence is powerful. Online social networking has introduced an entirely new medium for social influence. How can we harness the power of social media to facilitate behavior change in ways that we never before imagined?

Food, Sex, Drugs, and the Meaning of Life

How finding greater meaning in life may be the path to overcoming compulsive and addictive behavior: Lessons from a 20th century existential psychotherapist

Lance Armstrong and the Ill-Fated Pursuit of Perfection

When your self-worth is tied to a single goal in life, your unwavering pursuit of perfection will seem to be the secret to your success, but in fact will be the secret to your demise.

How to Know If You’ll Ever Accomplish That Goal

Find out the ingredients to successfully accomplishing a goal and whether you are likely to accomplish the goal you have in mind for yourself right now.

Today Is Not The Day To Change My Life

Why do we put off important decisions and actions? Avoidance is one of the most powerful motivators of our behavior. The danger of avoidance is that the gravity of the avoided task becomes heavier over time and your anxiety intensifies, which in a vicious cycle, further reinforces more avoidance. Most problems get worse when unattended. Here's how to dig in.

Are you a People Pleaser?

"People pleasers" are the nicest and most helpful people you know. They never say “no.” Unfortunately, people pleasing can be an extremely unhealthy pattern of behavior. Here are a few strategies for finding a healthy balance between caring for others while taking care of yourself.

How Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight

Your social life is one of the most important factors affecting your weight. Do you have enough social support to reach your weight loss goals? A little more couldn't hurt. I will show you how to leverage social media to get all the weight loss support you need.

Is Stress Contagious?

Stress can pass from person-to-person like bad germs, but there are ways to inoculate yourself from these contagious forms of stress.
How To Get Over Your Sugar Addiction

How To Get Over Your Sugar Addiction

Six easy tricks for eating less sugar without even noticing it's gone.

10 Ways to Improve Your Weight Loss Potential In Less Than a Minute

Having no time is the number one excuse for not following through on a weight loss plan. Here are 10 tricks that will take less than one minute per week and some may even save you time.

Do You Really Think You Can Lose Weight?

Positive thinking is not the antidote to negative thinking, flexible thinking is.

8 Minutes to a Longer Life

Recent research has shown that prolonged sitting time is associated with increased risk for all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, regardless of how active you are in your non-sitting time.
How Your Personality Can Help You Lose Weight

How Your Personality Can Help You Lose Weight

Whenever I read on the topic of personality and weight loss, the message is that our personality traits make us fat. This inherently suggests that people who are overweight have some sort of personality deficiency, which is in error because personality is multidimensional, not driven by a single trait.