Out on the Pitch

How is the mental health of LGBT athletes affected by coming out of or staying in the closet?
Wikimedia Commons Boston's West End

Remembering the West End

Are cities good for mental health?

Preventing Mental Illness

With the World Health Organization stating that depression will be the most common disease by 2030, should we think more about how to prevent it and other mental disorders?

Rethinking Methylphenidate in Childhood ADHD

Should we rethink prescribing drugs for ADHD? New research suggests we do.

The Healing Waters

Nothing like a good shower.

The Magic Years

The history of psychiatry through the eyes of a psychiatrist.

The Search for Utopia

Humans have always sought to create utopian alternatives to the dysfunctional societies that prevail - is this a delusional activity or not?

More than a Pound of Cure

How do you prevent mental illness? For the first decades after the Second World War, many psychiatrists and politicians turned to the social environment. Why was this the case? And should we consider the lessons of social psychiatry today?

The Long, Mad Century

The long nineteenth century can be seen as the period in which the psychiatric asylum became the predominant place where the mentally ill were treated. Why was this the case and what impact did the First World War have on asylums and how we perceive mental illness?

Asylums and Their History

Why has the history of psychiatric asylums been the most controversial issue in the history of mental health?

Crimes of Madness

Exploring the historical relationship between criminal acts and mental illness.

Mental Health and Faith

For much of history, madness was thought to be caused by the supernatural. Although most people don't believe this today, could it be that our lack of faith, particularly our concern about what happens to us when we die, has contributed to disorders like depression?

Balancing your Humors

Does ancient Greek medicine have anything to teach us about the relationship between balance and good mental health?

A Sporting Chance for Mental Health

A number of high profile cases have suggested that mental illness is increasing in professional athletes. Is this the case? And if so, why would so many people living what many believe to be the perfect life struggle with such issues? The answers suggest that mental illness is just as complicated for athletes as it is for the rest of us. Only a little more so.

Man of Steel

What does the new Superman movie have say about the quest for mental health?

Deinstitutionalization and After

Sixty years ago, the era of deinstitutionalization began. What have we learned since the closure of the psychiatric asylums that used to house the mad among us? As a recent conference indicates, not nearly enough.

The ADHD Increase in Context

What's the historical context behind the recent CDC reports about increases in ADHD diagnoses?

The Mystery of the Jelly Babies

Is it possible to approach controversial issues in mental health with an open mind? Is it even advisable? One historian's other-worldly experience with a very large tub of jelly baby candies makes him think twice about the relationship between food additives and behavioral problems, and his take on the Feingold diet for ADHD.

The History of Hyperactivity

When does the history of ADHD begin? 1957 of course.

Not All In the Mind

What is the relationship between what we eat and our mental state? The history of food allergy suggests that there are complex—and controversial—connections between what we eat and how we behave.

Acting on Impulse

A story about giving into impulse.

A Place for ADHD

This blog introduces why context matters when considering the history of disorders like ADHD.

What's in a Name?

The story behind the terminology of ADHD.