Culturally Induced Blindness

Can you answer this simple riddle or do you suffer from cultural blindness?

There Are Monkeys Everywhere

We who are sighted can be the blindest of all. We can confuse what we see with what is really there, but what we see has to be taught to our eyes/minds. Actually there are monkeys all around us. You just have to learn to see them I will tell you how.

What Is Wrong With Dichotomous Thinking

It is said that there are two kinds of people, those who think there are two kinds of people and those who don't. Please discuss.

The Mattering Map

Gender has to be seen in its fullest personal and cultural contexts to be understand and enacted. A new and exciting tool called The Mattering Map makes all this visible wordlessly. On these maps, we can see gender not as a static quality, but as a continuously morphing and changing set of meanings that interact dynamically with every other human experience.

Is Gender Transition in the Eye of the Beholder?

A Different View of Gender and Transgender

If Our Eyes Were Really Gender and Color Blind

Do we see what is really there or are our human eyes/brains co-cretors of "reality." What does this mean for our concepts of race and gender? Are we radicalizing and engendering?

Seeing Is Believing

Are gender, race and sexual orientation discoveries or inventions of the human mind and the human eyes. Come with me to the territory of the blind and of the sighted to see what we discover.