A Contextual Path to De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness

Is de-stigmatizing mental illness by making it equivalent to the physical a flawed solution?

How Many Wars on the Human Psyche and Body Can We Fight?

Does language shape behavior? Does the language of war create more warlike strategies in unexpected arenas that really have nothing to do with war?

Screens or People?

Is multi-tasking wearing you out? Does electronic contact make you feel both closer and more disconnected from others?

Recognizing and Treating STDs

Do you have a mental illness or an STD?

Mental Illness or Mental Injury?

Does "mental illness" even exist and how would we know?

What if Women Controlled Our Own Bodies?

If girls and women did not have to think about the dangers of going out alone

Why Does Violence Persist?

Are gender and race real or invented?

Failing at Psychotherapy a Second Time

How do we figure out which therapies work with whom and why?

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

How I failed at psychotherapy and why.

Why Is Our Thinking So Black and White?

How does culture shape and limit each individual's ideas and beliefs?

Another Look at Psychiatric Diagnosis

Have you or anyone you know been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder? Peer behind the curtains of this system.

Are Transitions Killing Us?

Why men and not just women must change.

A Frog Is Dropped Into Boiling Water

Are you not sure if you are in an abusive relationship or not?

What has happened to American education?

What is happening to our students?

Why Feminist Therapy?

We have come a long way, but...

Why Is the Truth So Important?

Are you confused about your own experiences? Did they really happen or are you or your therapist distorting them? Who is the expert?

All Psychotherapy Is Feminist

Every contemporary therapy is feminist therapy or it is unethical and unapproved.

Is All Psychotherapy Feminist?

If you are in any form of psychological treatment today, chances are you are in feminist therapy, whether you know it or not.

One Hundred Plus Years of Celebrating International Women's

What is the point of continuing to celebrate International Women's Day?

A Woman President?

Are you caught up in the Hillary vs. Bernie debate? How much of it is a women's issue and how many isolated women's issues are there today?

Male and Female Brains

There are really no male and female brains, pink and blue brains, Mars and Venus brains. Why do so many of us believe this then?

Is Segregation Coming Back?

Is confining women and girls to pink spaces a way to keep them safe?

Think Pink for Girls

The Bank of Costa Rica announced the opening of pink banks for women with the slogan, posted on billboards all over San Jose, "NoWoman Is Complicated." I know where I am geographically, but I think I have fallen out of time to a much earlier century.

It Wants to Happen

Feminism is stepping out of the shadows as many celebrities, intellectuals and politicians heartily and intelligently endorse full human rights for girls and women.It is everywhere on the planted it is happening.

Why Is Peace So Elusive on This Planet?

Is peace even possible among our species? How?

False Fear Of Feminism(FFF Syndrome)

If you are not a feminist, chances are you have an irrational and curable phobia.

Are We Trapped Inside Patterns?

Are you trapped by the way your brain organizes patterns? Reframing meaning can change everything.

Is Gender Just A Performance and Are We All Just Performers?

Are you tired of performing gender or is it second nature. Does it always feel natural?

Engendering Psychology and Psychotherapy

What happens in psychotherapy when gender is given proper attention? So-called aberrant disorders are replaced with STDs-socially transmitted disorders.

Believing Is Seeing

You probably think that you can see with your own two eyes what is right in front of you. Wrong! Your brain has learned to invent most of it and to fill in the blind and blank spots