Does sex come from God or is sex something that God disapproves of and only gives us as a means to a baby end? We already know that many people of God are celibate—and that certainly sends a "sex is unclean or separate from God" message to the rest of us. But I agree with the fabulous, Christian minister Gary Chapman (whose work is highlighted in the New York Times today), that sex is not only from God - but a gift from God. And it's not just for reproduction. Sex is for enjoyment, intimacy and bonding.Woman Leaping in Joy

If God wanted sex to be just for reproduction, then women would have periods of "Heat", just like animals. In most of the animal world, females are only receptive to sexual advances during their fertile time. The fact is that humans are not animals. We have either been made in the image of God (and therefore God likes sex) or we have evolved to this place where women are receptive to sex throughout their entire lives whether they are fertile or not. Sorry guys—if we were going on an evolution model—you haven't changed very much over time. The males of most species are opportunistic about sex (ever on the ready) and always on the prowl for females willing and ready to reproduce. So nothing much has changed for the men if you are going on the evolution model! But I digress—let's stick with the "Sex Comes From God" model which supports the concept that it is therefore holy and without shame.

Couple sharing strawberryWhy not spend some time thinking about sex with this spiritual model of sexuality in mind. What if sex was put on this earth for us simply to enjoy, as God's gift for us to have pleasure, intimacy and bonding in our lives? If you could embrace this idea—would that change your relationship with your sexuality? I would love to know what you think. Please comment.

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Pamela Madsen

Pamela Madsen is the author of Shameless and founder of The American Fertility Association.

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