For many women, beyond talk of hot flashes, conversations with their doctors make what happens during menopause a mystery, especially regarding sex, a topic that is taboo among many of them.

In a recent interview with Dr. Michael Krychman, leading OB/GYN, clinical sexologist, and best-selling author specializing in optimizing women's sexual health, identified some questions every woman needs to ask and new ways to get the conversation started.


Is menopause the end to my sex life as I know it now?


While many women entering menopause will experience differences in their sex lives, other women are discovering sex becomes more meaningful for them as they focus on new ways to revitalize it.


Is dryness in and around my vagina, and genitals in general, normal...and is there anything I can do?


Dryness and less elasticity in the vagina is not limited to menopause, but often becomes more pronounced during this time. Moisturizing the vagina on a regular basis with moisturizers to help restore the elasticity, can relieve some of the dryness. And, it is important to use lubricants when sexually active.

Often, the vagina lining may become thinner and more sensitive during the menopause, so avoiding irritants like warming, flavors, colors or chemicals like spermicides and bactericides maybe advisable to prevent further irritation to the sensitive tissues.


How do you balance life during menopause, and make room for sex when energy seems to wane?


Changes in sleep cycles are not uncommon during menopause. It is not unlikely to experience insomnia during this life stage....and lack of sleep or interrupted sleep...can make symptoms more pronounced. Recharge with these tips to reduce stress, lessen symptoms, and have the new energy you need for a revitalized sex life.

· Limit activities in the bedroom to sleep and sex.

· Wean yourself off the computer at least two hours before bedtime.

· Relax, read, or listen to music to help soothe you to sleep.

· Avoid exercise in the later part of the evening.

· Make your bedroom a sanctuary with soothing colors, music and even aromas.


How do you reverse a dramatic decrease in libido when hormones are not an issue?


There are many ways to boost libido without putting your sexual health in harm's way....and deepen intimacy. Explore other forms of sensual interaction, including sexual exploration to discover other erogenous areas. Explore new areas of pleasure by touching body parts other than genitals and breasts, to help re-connect and relate initially.

While porn may be a turn off for some women, other forms of erotica, including films, love poems, sensual artwork, and even the new rage of biliotherapy, making reading books of a sexual nature the focus, can help rev up sexual thoughts and desire.

Orgasmic diets may help, too. Remember to restrict caffeine intake, limit anti-depressants when possible, go heavy on low-carb selections and vitamins, and make an ounce of dark chocolate a daily indulgence.

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As a Peri-Menopausal woman - I know the truth. Sex can actually get better with age!  You just need to know the answers to some very key questions!

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