If you're anything like me, New Year's means making bold resolutions to get fit and healthy. You promise yourself that you're going to exercise at least 3 times a week, take the stairs instead of the elevator, learn to cook wholesome, delicious meals, and stave off the sweets. But once February rolls around, you find that your enthusiasm for the gym starts to wane, while your passion for sitting on the couch with a carton of ice cream resurfaces.

It can be hard to stay committed to our fitness resolutions, but it is possible. The Pump Energy Food, located in New York, is offering a solid solution for people who have trouble sticking to their health-related New Year's goals. It's called the "New Year's Resolution Do-Over."

It's a 30-day challenge, beginning on February 15th, for people who literally need to "do-over" their resolutions to get in shape and eat healthier. To help participants achieve their goals, The Pump has created an online social networking forum where people can list their fitness aspirations, as well as get connected with a panel of health and fitness experts who will answer any questions and offer tips for staying on track. The hope is that by being part of a community, participants will feel more motivated to stick with the program and reach their goals. And, as if the chance to feel healthy, fit, and incredibly fulfilled isn't prize enough, on the last day, participants will vote for the person who has accomplished the most, and the winner will receive $1,000, a month's worth of free food from The Pump Energy Food, and a one year free membership to Crunch Gym.

Even if you don't want to participate in the Pump's challenge, you can still do your own at home. Why not turn February into fitness month (as well as all the months following)?

I've decided that my personal goal will be to stick with yoga. I've only recently gotten into it (I've become a big fan of "hot yoga" - yoga practiced in a heated room - at Prana Power Yoga in New York City), and in addition to the significant improvements I've noticed in my strength, muscle tone, flexibility and stamina, I love how peaceful the practice makes me feel. I don't want to lose sight of this goal in 2009. Hopefully, The Pump (and maybe that awesome prize - uh, the part about feeling fit and fulfilled, of course!) will help me.

Did you make any fitness resolutions in January that you've already broken? What goals would you like the chance to "do-over" in ‘09? 

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Marissa Kristal

Marissa Kristal is a wellness writer who is passionate about healthy living, fitness and the psychology of beauty.

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