Founded by accomplished fitness instructor, Patricia Moreno, intenSati is a vigorous cardio-sculpting workout that combines aerobics, martial arts, yoga, dance and intentions. More than just physical exercise, intenSati fuses movement with positive mantras and powerful affirmations to condition the mind and spirit as well as the body.

I recently took intenSati for the first time, and found it to be a challenging and dynamic workout centered on cardio, strengthening, toning and balance. As we moved through the routine, we repeated encouraging phrases reminding us that we own the power to create our realities, and are each strong and capable of greatness. At first I felt a little funny shouting affirmations while working out, but as the class continued it began to feel more natural, and even empowering.

Eager to learn more about this unique physical, mental and spiritual fitness regime, I reached out to Moreno with some questions about the practice.

What sets intenSati apart form other workouts? Will it really better my life?

intenSati has revolutionized how people are training. It brings the philosophy of positive psychology into the gym, or your home if you have the DVD (available at Many people are inspired when they read self-improvement books, but don't have a practice in place to truly incorporate the motivational wisdom into their lifestyle. Information without action is useless. intenSati puts it all into motion so you can actually practice becoming a more positive, inspired, enthusiastic, courageous and happy person, while experiencing the best workout you've probably ever had!

What inspired you to create this form of mental, spiritual and physical exercise?

I wanted to create a workout that showed people that diet and exercise aren't the only factors that affect health and weight. After studying the power of positive thought and affirmations, it became clear to me that we really are what we think. I was inspired to share this notion with people all over the world, and that's how I developed intenSati. It connects uplifting mantras with movement, and really helps people train their minds and bodies.

What results, physical and mental, can one expect from intenSati?

Immediately after taking an intenSati class, students will feel inspired, energized, motivated and acutely aware of how upbeat, positive expressions impact the quality of their lives. Students have reported finding better jobs, falling in love, feeling a boost in self-confidence, greater weight loss, and an overall stronger dedication to improving their bodies and lives.

How often should one practice intenSati in order to see and feel these results?

Like any exercise, the more often you do it, the faster you will see results in your body. But even just practicing intenSati once a week can be enough to see mental and emotional improvements. It's about remembering to think better thoughts, take positive action and do your best now. The more often your practice, the more it becomes ingrained and a part of who you are.

Where are classes offered?

In NYC and LA classes are offered at Equinox. And check the SatiLife website for a listing of all the classes we offer worldwide.

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