Beauty and fitness. Though on first read it may not seem like they belong together, they actually complement each other quite well. We all strive to look and feel great, right? And when we feel good within, we inevitably exude beauty throughout.

Welcome to my Psychology Today blog. Here I'll discuss relevant ideas and studies on beauty and fitness such as the latest trends in beauty products, regimes and cosmetic surgeries. I'll investigate studies on, for example, why we find ourselves more attracted to one type of look over another, whether pleasing appearances really help people get ahead in life, and why we tend to possess certain physical traits. Regarding fitness, I'll present conclusions based on the newest research, offer tips to help you live the healthiest and fittest life you can, discuss the benefits of various forms of exercise, as well as share with you some of my personal favorite methods for toning up and slimming down. I'd love to hear from you, too; I hope we can begin a dialogue about your interpretations of what is beautiful, and how you work to look and feel your personal best.

As a writer, I specialize in fitness, beauty, wellness, and psychology. But beyond merely researching and writing about the latest and most intriguing research and fads in these particular areas, I actually practice what I preach: I am wholeheartedly passionate about living a healthy, fit and full life.

How do I do this? For starters, whether it's walking, running, kickboxing, weight training, yoga, or dancing, I engage in some sort of physical activity everyday. And I don't just get my exercise at the gym - I find ways to sneak physical fitness into my life in simple, yet effective ways every single day: I am that health nut who sprints to the subway in the morning (gotta get the metabolism revved somehow!), does bicep curls with canned goods in the grocery store (as inconspicuously as possible...), and performs butt lifts while sitting at the computer (oh yeah, I'm doing ‘em now!).

I also view my body as a precious machine that needs to be fueled properly. While I'm only human, meaning I crave things like chocolate, chips and cake, and I never deprive myself of my favorite foods, I do attempt to eat everything in moderation and fill my plate with as many wholesome and nutritious meals as possible (lots of fish, protein, leafy greens, yogurt, fruits, and whole grains).

Finally, and probably most importantly, I make sure I spend ample time playing and laughing every day. The mere act of smiling can make us feel better when we're blue, and, in addition to feeling great, when we're laughing and enjoying ourselves we can't help but radiate beauty; thus, a genuine, joyful smile instinctively draws others to us. Not to mention, research shows happiness is contagious so we'll inevitably wind up spreading the joy (and beauty) to others. Next time you're in a great mood, and you find yourself laughing in public, I urge you to take notice of how many more people approach you, gaze in your direction, and wind up grinning too.

I would love to hear some of your favorite exercise and beauty tips. What are some ways in which you incorporate fitness and beauty into your daily life? Let's get the discussion started!

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Marissa Kristal

Marissa Kristal is a wellness writer who is passionate about healthy living, fitness and the psychology of beauty.

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