K-9s and Cops: A Softer Side

Law enforcement agencies that attend to the nuances of human-dog psychology will get best results and higher satisfaction from their K-9 units.

Death Sleuthing 101

Famed medical examiner advocate of science offers biographical/medical book about significant cases in which he has participated.

Talking to Killers

A former prison psychologist painstakingly interviews two child serial killers whose sexual fantasies formed an unrelenting addiction.

Bones, Blood and Bodies

Podcasts from experts in forensic science and law enforcement assist crime writers to learn details of the disciplines.

Murder: The Prosecutor's Tale

Prosecutors of high-profile cases who then write books offer insightful details about how they formed their strategies.

I Wanna Be a Serial Killer, Part 2

In recent news, we see several young males in separate incidents express the desire to become as famous as serial killers.

Murder Kits

What killers pack in their murder bags reveals not just methods but also rituals and levels of ingenuity.

In the "Murder Mood"

Book by British curator describes historic counterpart to today's crime-time hosts.

Seeing As Ted Bundy

Author explores locations and unpublished accounts that add more the the Ted Bundy story.

Sex, Sense and Sensuality

Writing about sex and sensuality opens up one's perspective in new ways, improving writing and enhancing life.

The Mystery of the Mummified Mom

Professional cooperation among diverse forensic disciplines can solve complex human mysteries.

Of Love and Murder

Some people who participate in murder later claim that "love" had caused them to do bad things.

These Crimes Are Not for Sensitive Ears

New book in a series about Canadian crimes revives interest in psychopathic child killer from 1950s.

Tracking School Shooters

Expert on school shooters offers comprehensive website as resource for anyone who might have to know about or deal with such incidents.

Ripping, Hashing and Carving: Crimes of a Digital Type

Most crimes today involve some type of digital tract. A new workbook relies on free software to introduce investigators to core competencies in this field.

Mental Maps and Cognitive Gaps

People who make judgments that affect others’ lives might not see how their own needs and biases influence their decisions.

Alert or Avert: Evaluating the Suicidal Mass Murderer

A lesson in suicide evaluation for those tasked with welfare checks might avert future acts of self-destructive mass murder.

Can You Be Conned?

During a season of gift giving and charity come plenty of scams. A new book will educate you in how to be prepared.

Lost Guys, Pig Feeders, and Dark Places

Writing about true crime from my home state was more unnerving than I'd expected. There's something about the Great Lakes and dark woods that sets up spooky business.

He Dunnit

Recent cases in the news highlight roving serial killers whose random acts had terrible ripple effects.

Dis(mis)sing Mental Illness

A lethal spree, fueled by mental illness, remains a controversial case in the legal system.

The Lure and Lore of Ghosts

When October wind picks up and evening shadows close in, many of us seek out ghost stories.

Producing TV's True Crime

Ed Hydock has been involved with true crime TV series for years, and he answers questions for viewers curious about the backstory of production.

Forensics Facts and Cold Cases

A new book from RJ Parker and Peter Vronsky offers a quick guide to forensic science and investigation.

Serial Killer Ghosts

October brings ghost stories, and among the tales of the dead who return are several serial killers.

Ghost Stories for Dogs

For Halloween, Ghosts of Gettysburg provides a unique socializing event for service pups in training.

The Tipping Point and the Serial Killer

What's it like to befriend a serial killer? Martha Elliott offers her no-holds-barred account.

Lost Girls

Reading one of Joyce Carol Oates's story collections brings a jarring sense of what people are capable of, in the form of adolescent girls.

Educated Serial Killers

Those serial killers who got college degrees tended to choose disciplines that could serve darker purposes.

A Philosopher in the Cop Shop

With today's negative focus on police, maybe hiring practices should broaden to include a philosopher or two.