K. Ramsland

Killer's Remorse

A recent interview with Steven Dean Gordon raises the issue of whether a serial killer can feel genuine remorse.
K. Ramsland

Erotica for Serial Killers

Despite debates over whether salacious imagery causes people to become violent, in some cases, it is clearly influential.
Simon & Schuster

Pseudocide: The Art of Faking Your Death

Writer explores those who want to fake their deaths, those who hunt them down, those who fail and those who succeed. Everything you want to know but were afraid to ask.
K. Ramsland

The G-Man and the Serial Killer

Writer who set out to learn the identity of Eliot Ness's secret suspect for Cleveland's Mad Butcher fictionalizes the tale.
M. Streed

Drawing the Devil

Forensic artists face a digitized future, but a former detective offers facial composition software that replicates his successful drawing methods.
K. Ramsland

Murder Buddies

Some adolescent friendships go down a dark path, but there are strategies for parents who want to deflect them.
K. Ramsland

The Predator's Advantage

The predator's advantage involves a clear plan, with an escape route.
Source: Philadelphia PD

Lost Boy, Still Needs Name

America's Unknown Child is still an unnamed crime victim after 60 years.
K. Ramsland

Crime, Gore and So Much More

The Museum of Death in New Orleans offers exhibits that educate.
Permission: R. Parker

Close Call With a Killer

A crime historian pens an illustrated ebook about the cruel serial killer he once had encountered.
CRC Press

Was it Really a Suicide?

A new book shows investigators how to interpret seemingly innocent 911 calls that might actually be from a killer.
K. Ramsland

Mothers of Murderers

What do mothers say when they're told that their son or daughter is a murderer?
K. Ramsland

The Measure of Cunning

We have many instruments for measuring IQ and personality traits, even psychopathy, but we need a precise instrument to learn more about criminal street smarts.
K. Ramsland

Dangerous Minds

On a trip to Paris to visit the places where writers worked out ideas, I was reminded of the benefits of sustained discussions of ideas.
K. Ramsland

Top Crime News of 2016

Among the many lists that have been compiled for the closing year, true crime merits a place.
K. Ramsland

Stupid Stuff that Stopped a Serial Killer

Whenever someone states that serial killers are known to have a high IQ, I tell them some of these stories and then say why that's a myth.
K. Ramsland

Predatory Portals: Need and Trust

People who intend harm, whether theft or worse, exploit areas of trust. Classified ads offering romance or mutual interest activities are an easy way to conceal true intentions.
K. Ramsland

Boys Dressed as Girls Who Became Serial Killers

Some serial killers recall being dressed as girls when young, despite being male. It might have had a negative impact.
K. Ramsland

Power Assertive Murder

Some serial killers are motivated by anger and the need to harm those they think have wronged them. Todd Kohlhepp appears to be in this category.
K. Ramsland

Serial Killers and Celebrity TV

A clip of a TV show that features a killer now on trial for four murders brings to mind other murderers who got their 15 minutes of TV fame.
K. Ramsland

This Week in Murder

A new textbook in forensic psychology that focuses on homicide offers an updated and substantive reference.
K. Ramsland

Party On, Dearly Departed

The Day of the Dead on November 2 is quite festive in Oaxaca, Mexico, where a funny thing happened to us in a cemetery.
Amanda Howard

A Curious History of Hanging

Amanda Howard compiles a sordid history of hanging-by-rope, with stories that have visceral punch.

Ghost Righter

A bit of Halloween fun, let's consider therapy in the afterlife for those who made poor choices while alive.
Mugshot: public domain

Who Wants to Be Ted Bundy?

A girl in England wanted to copy Ted Bundy. So did a boy. Bundy remains a darkly contagious figure for those who aspire to black deeds.
Richard Cobb

The Ripper Conclave

Ripperologists gather for a conference in Whitechapel to explore the infamous 1888 Ripper murders.
K. Ramsland

The Murder Market

Novelist takes readers on a very dark journey into the addictive world of the murder market.
Bob Mayer

Don’t Just ‘Face’ Fear: Attack the Ambush

Author Bob Mayer offers writers strong advice from battlefield training.

6 Things Predators Know How to Use Against You

The basic principles of social influence and persuasion are effective tools for predators.

What Keeps Us Glued to the Screen?

New TV series, Notorious, should inspire conversations about the entanglements of news, crime, and viewers.