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The Old West’s Ted Bundy

An Old West serial killer had charm and a smooth-talking manner 100 years before Bundy.
Riverdale Avenue Books

New York’s Most Haunted Mansion

An anthology of fiction opens up New York's oldest mansion for "ghost tours" and other adventures.
K. Ramsland

The Structure of Fear: Follow-up

A class trip to a haunted asylum to study the psychology of fear had interesting results.
K. Ramsland

Notable Crimes of 2017

Looking back on some of the most shocking crimes of 2017.
M. Farrell

The Subtle Art of Poisoning

The who, what, how, and why of poisoning explained for those who must investigate these killers and bring them to trial.
K. Ramsland

Women Aroused by Murder

Some female serial killers defy notions in criminology and sexology that women develop sexual addictions.
M. P. Priestley

The Ripper's Home Base?

As we approach the 130th anniversary of the Ripper murders, we see more theories about whodunnit; here's one that offers details from original reports.
K. Ramsland

Day Pass for a Psychopath?

Trusting a known killer with a preference for children to be on his own might be a mistake.
L. Perkins

MeToo: A Watershed Moment

Collection of bold narratives from a range of writers, male and female, documents the social movement against sexual assault.
K. Ramsland

Strange Motives for Serial Murder

Despite stereotypes and overdone plotlines, we still see some unique angles in the motives of some serial killers.
R. Kruse

Cabin 28, and Other Rural Crimes

In time for October's end, a team of writers take on the disturbing crimes that happened in isolated places.
J. Borowski

What Dahmer Actually Said

Filmmaker John Borowski provides the entire arrest report for Jeffrey Dahmer, including his full confession.
Al Carlisle

The Psychologist and the Serial Killer

Former prison psychologist offers the raw data of his interviews with Ted Bundy and his associates before he was known to be a serial killer.
Random House

Our Memory Quirks: Are They for Us or against Us?

What if your recollections turned out to be false? Here's a book that tutors you on how your memory works (and doesn't).
K. Ramsland

The Structure of Fear

A psychology class studies their experience of fear by visiting a reportedly haunted asylum.
K. Ramsland

The Math Whiz and the Psychologists

A mathematical genius offered a formula for creativity to a group of psychologists a century before we could prove it with research.
K. Ramsland

I Wanna Be a Serial Killer #3

Some people believe that if they follow the example of an infamous serial killer, their aspirations guarantee success.

Emotional Contagions

A science journalist finds himself personally impacted by his comprehensive exploration of social contagions.
K. Ramsland

Suicide Shrines

Some locations or events can inspire numerous life-ending acts. The allure might be obvious or obscure.
Credit: Goddess Rosemary

Breakfast with Vampires

Some research in psychology benefits from a more hands-on – or hands-in – approach.

Birds, Bullets, and a Bad Guy

A 19th-century German cold case leads to discovery of connection to Robert E. Lee and the true birth of ballistics.
Munch 1893, PD

Professional Suicide

Even great men with ground-breaking accomplishments can experience circumstances that break their spirit.
K. Ramsland

Serial Killers Linked to Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is in the news, identified as "Devil in the White City" serial killer, H. H. Holmes. But Red Jack has been linked to other serial killers as well.
K. Ramsland

Games Killers Play

A recent news report about coded letters from serial killer Ian Brady raises hope, but it might be just part of the games these offenders like to play.
K. Ramsland

Four Missing Men and the Urge to Know

With the ongoing investigation of the murdered young men in Pennsylvania, we find social media's support for the natural human inclination to figure it out as soon as possible.
K. Ramsland

Suicide: Pacts Versus Clusters

Suicide pacts are agreements; suicide clusters are reactions. But clusters can result from publicized pacts.
Randy Williams

Jack the Ripper Was Not ‘He’ But ‘They’

Distinctly different approach to identifying Jack the Ripper looks at groups that advocate violence for social manipulation.
K. Ramsland

Women Who Run With Killers

Some women discover only later that they once dated a serial killer, and that they were lucky to survive.

Will This Angel of Death be Released?

With the approaching release of a suspected healthcare serial killer in Texas, old cases are being reexamined for possible new evidence against her.
K. Ramsland

Dangerous Things Kids Do

Adolescents seek out novelty and excitement as they explore their sense of identity, which leaves them vulnerable to dangerous trends and people.