Contemporary sexuality and the Brazilian wax

In the future, when the sexual history of our times is written, it might be concluded that one of the more interesting events of the early Twenty First Century was the disappearance of young women’s pubic hair.    
The end of "Pink Viagra" — what have we learned?

The end of "Pink Viagra" — what have we learned?

I have to assume that Boehringer Ingelheim didn't throw out hundreds of millions of dollars on flibanserin unless it had some pretty solid hunches that women who took it were experiencing something real in the bedroom. The problem may be figuring out how to measure it. Maybe we need to rethink the concept of sexual desire.

A secret ingredient for good sex

 Differentiation is hard. One of the benefits of a good enough marriage or any other deep partnership is that it provides a holding place in which each partner can “become more truly oneself.” Differentiation is not easy to describe. Many couples tell me, “It sounds nice, but I don’t get what it’s supposed to feel like.” 

Some open secrets about sexuality

The infantile part of sexual arousal is a complex, contradictory, and sometimes volatile thing. It can be healing, but can also cause much grief. But wouldn't that just about fit our ordinary experience of what sex is like?  

Will "Sex at Dawn" influence sex therapy?

 There is currently talk in the sex therapy field about whether we can change the conversation about monogamy vs infidelity that currently dominates the American media - perhaps change it to a more European-style model, which takes sexual infidelity less seriously.   Maybe.  But I think we'd just be tinkering around the edges.   To me the message of Sex at Dawn for sex therapists is this: Be sensitive to the fact that we're all sexual exiles. Be tolerant of the sexual struggles of your fellow moderns. They're doing the best they can under quite compromised circumstances.  Our sexual exile will not end anytime soon. 

Sex at Dawn Author Christopher Ryan on Prehistoric Polyamory

I think it's difficult for most of us to really imagine how women would behave if they weren't carrying several millennia worth of sexual repression on their backs. Even as we speak, women in Iran are being stoned to death. The world is hardly a safe place for women to express sexual curiosity, and hasn't been for a very long time.

Introducing SexualityToday

The sex therapy field is currently embroiled in a struggle between "Sexual Medicine" (think Viagra) and a movement fighting against the"Medicalization of Sexuality." As someone who is both a physician and a talking therapist, I straddle the fence on this one. But I'm fascinated by it, and you'll find me to be an eager correspondent from the front lines of this battle.  New technologies are already transforming our bodies, our families, and our relationships. Including, if we're honest about it, our sexual relationships.  In this blog, I'll provide PsychologyToday readers my perspectives on what lies ahead, as we move into the sexual future - and as we try not to get lost there.