On That Google Memo About Sex Differences

Are sex differences in personality real? A response to the Google memo.

Can We Trust What Men and Women Reveal on Sex Surveys?

Sex surveys have limitations, but can be useful if administered correctly.

Who Would Agree to Have Sex With a Total Stranger?

Sex with strangers? Men and women disagree.

Sex and Gender Are Dials (Not Switches)

Science and sexual diversity: Explaining complex combinations sex and gender
Sagarin, B. J., Martin, A. L., Coutinho, S. A., Edlund, J. E., Patel, L., Skowronski, J. J., & Zengel, B. (2012). Sex differences in jealousy: A meta-analytic examination. Evolution and Human Behavior, 33, 595-614.

Sex Differences in Romantic Jealousy: Evolved or Illusory?

Sex differences in jealousy: Evolved or illusory?

Sex Differences in Talkativeness?

Are there really sex differences in talkativeness?

The “No Voice in Mate Choice Myth"

Mate choice across generations: Who decides?

Sex, Gender, and Testosterone

What is the relationship between hormones and gender roles?

Where’s the Nearest Starbucks? Sex Differences in Wayfinding

Are there really evolved sex differences in cognition?

Statistical Abracadabra: Making Sex Differences Disappear

How to make sex differences appear to disappear.

Trigger Warnings and Human Sexuality Education

Sexuality Education Needs Warning Labels?

Are Women More Emotional Than Men?

Is There Evidence of Women’s Greater Negative Emotionality All Around the World?

How Big are Psychological Sex Differences?

Are Men and Women Psychologically Different?

Women Want Short-Term Mates, Too?

All Men are Promiscuous, All Women are Monogamous? No.

Do Women Prefer Men with Masculine Faces? Not Always.

Do women prefer masculine men as short-term mates? Depends on who (and where) you ask.

When Is a Sex Difference Real?

How much of a difference is needed before a sex difference is real?

Alas, Poor Darwin Critics

What evolutionary psychologists do not expect when they're expecting.

Much Ado About Sex Differences In Reproductive Success

Do men and women reproduce differently? Does it matter?

Men, Women, and Interplanetary Promiscuity

Women want short-term mates, too.

Sexual Personality Highlights of 2011

Great Sexual Science of 2011

Sexual Modularity in Sex, Gender, and Orientation

For many people, the wonders of gendered diversity hurt their head.


A scientific look at sexually unfaithful personalities.

What Is Sexual Personality?

In this inaugural Sexual Personalities post, I define "sexual personality" and spell out three orienting principles that guide my approach to sexual diversity.