Another Guy Who Isn't a Sex Addict

"Sex addiction" is a very poor way to understand people.

After an Affair, What Comes Next?

Before attempting reconciliation after an affair is revealed, each partner should describe the relationship they'd like to have. If they can't agree on what they would like, there's little to reconcile.

Bad Categories Prevent Smart Conversations

If unwanted, non-threatening verbal contact is "violence," that trivializes real violence--and makes it impossible to discuss solutions intelligently.

Attacking Sex Trafficking by Attacking...Who?

According to the government, the number of people sex-trafficked in the U.S. is quite small. Why does an activist industry insist that "millions are at risk"?

Going to College? Here's Practical Sex Advice

Many college students relate to sex as if it's scarce--and their current opportunity may be their last. Having sex under unpleasant, dangerous, or ambiguous circumstances not only limits pleasure and dignity; under new federal guidelines, it invites a whole new set of punishments.

Memo to All Incoming College Students About Sex

Your teen desperately needs some advice about sex before heading off to college (or to another year in high school). If you only get a few minutes, what do you say?

Sex Tips For Wedding Nights

To create enjoyable sex, you don't need exotic techniques or the perfect body. What do you need?

Talking My Patient Out of a Boob Job

I didn't exactly talk her out of it, but I did help her understand she was just trying to feel less powerless. That led to some profound conversations with her boyfriend.

Better Sex: Porn or Women

Sex with a partner is still among the best things life has to offer.

Sexual Gifts for Our Patients

Each year we give our patients many gifts. Here are the sexual gifts my patients most appreciated in 2013.

Symptoms of Sex Addiction? No (Part 1)

American sexuality often looks just like "sex addiction." It isn't.

Criminalizing Oral Sex In Virginia

Conservative politicians, religious leaders, and decency groups insist on maintaining a moral panic around sexuality that sustains a climate of fear and danger.

Humanist of the Year: Dan Savage

Dan Savage challenges a fundamental belief of marriage counseling. Are we listening?

Sex and Humanism—Ten Things to Remember

Sex has no meaning—which makes it an opportunity to grow while we're enjoying it.

Dear Doc (& Men, Too): Less Viagra, Please

Many men who don't get erect don't have an erection problem, they have an expectation problem. Viagra won't help them.

The End of Normal Sex

The social acceptance of same-gender sex, non-monogamy, & S/M will help liberate everyone, including non-practitioners.

Disappointing Reason to Support Gay Rights: "My son is gay"

Although his support is welcome, Senator Portman's sudden support of same-sex marriage is selfish—it isn't for Americans, it's for his son.

Is There Such A Thing As Gay (or Straight) Porn?

Why do straight people watch transsexual porn? As Kinsey said, the world isn't divided into sheep and goats.

Manti Te'o Reveals a Generation's Intimacy Problems

Young people who don't learn how to communicate face to face won't look forward to intimacy.

Highs & Lows of Sex in 2012

Do you remember these amazing sex-related stories from 2012?

Philip Roth Retires, Undefeated

Novelist Philip Roth wrote about sex as it really is: messy and undignified. His characters often have sex for reasons other than pleasure--to distance loneliness and fear of death, for example.

Sympathy For Wedding-Night Virgins

Pre-marital sexual inexperience often starts a couple's journey on the wrong foot--especially when combined with poor communication, gender stereotypes, and common myths.

Banning Conversion Therapy: Good Intention But...

There's no data supporting conversion "therapy"--or the majority of what therapists do.

Attention Both Parties: Here's a Sexual Health Platform

Democrats and Republicans needs to address sexuality. Here's how.

Parents Television Council REALLY Loves the Sin

Many censors like to enjoy what they consider horrible and dangerous for the rest of us.

32 Helpful Things You Can Learn From Porn

Of course porn's a fantasy--but it also contains many lessons sex educators have been teaching for decades.

Celebrating the Limits of Religious Freedom

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."