On Being a Woman Psychologist Circa 2011

There were problems for women entering science, but now everything is better. Errrr. Right?

In Praise of Esther Thelen

If there were a Pantheon of developmental psychologists, scientists who changed the way we study and understand human development, Esther Thelen (1941-2004) would take her her place there, alongside the likes of Harry F. Harlow, Mary Ainsworth, John Bowlby, Leta Stetter Hollingworth and many others.

Gender Crimes and Misdemeanors

Pink toenails? Really? Even though this is much ado about nothing let's take the chance to see what we actually know about gender identity formation.

Nature VERSUS Nurture Part 3: QUACK?

Experience modifies nature even in the womb.

Nature VERSUS Nurture (Part 2): Building Brains

O.M.G.!! The toes and fingers are so tiny! The face is so round and appealing. The eyes are so, umm..., unfocused. And that little newborn brain. If only we knew what this tiny new creature was thinking. Hmmm. We don't know what a newborn thinks, but we do know that its brain is pretty undeveloped. And by undeveloped I mean that it has just begun to set up shop.

Nature VERSUS Nurture (Part 1): it’s time to withdraw from this war!

Most behavioral scientists say "nature and nurture interact". I find this interactionism unsatisfactory because it treats nature and nurture as independent entities. Somehow a preset nature interacts with a vaguely defined nurture to produce a behavior of interest. But just how the interaction works is usually not so clear. I prefer to explore the thought that nature and nurture are inextricable; while we fight over their relative importance, nature and nurture perform a pas de deux that evolves continuously from fertilization to death.