Meeting Your Conditions for Sex

Not having your conditions for good sex met is a frequent cause of failed erections and no orgasms.

The Right Time For Sex

Bedtime sex is only one possibility. There are others, in case you forgot.

Tips for Dealing with Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking need not be a terrifying ordeal. One can actually learn to enjoy it.

Talking To Children About Sex

Children need accurate sex information from their parents or other loving adults in their life.

Unwanted Hugs

How can one refuse a hug with style and grace?


Fat women are the butt of jokes by some and are admired by others.

Living Alone and Liking It

Being single and living alone has some definite advantages over any other arrangement for those who choose it.

5 Tips for Saying No Gracefully

Are you frequently roped into things you regret? Learn to say no and life will be much easier.

When Your Penis Won't Do What You Want

Erections can be a sometime thing. What is your penis telling you when they don't happen?

Good Sex Without Intercourse

Satisfying sex need not be abandoned due to any physical challenge.

Expressing Your Wants vs. Making Demands

Does the other person hear your request as a demand? Is it your fault when that happens or the theirs?

Sexual Parts and Practices

The names you have for the sexual things you do and what you do them with will affect your sex life and your relationship with your partner.

Your Physical Type and Its Importance

There are physical traits and there are character traits and one ususally takes priority.

5 Ways to Make Anyone Feel Special

Loving gestures of appreciation make everyone feel good–the other person and you.

Secrets in Therapy

In therapy, when should and when must a secret be disclosed?

Tidbits From a Sexuality Conference

Is there anything new in the world of sex? A sexologists' conference suggests there is.

Sister and Brother

Sibling relations can be as complicated as any other relationships. Some are lucky in love; some are lucky in family connections.

How to End a Relationship, and How Not To

Some tips on ending a relationship so you will feel less crummy about doing so.

The Advantages of an Insecure Relationship

If you're in love don't relax just yet.

What's Behind a Loss of Libido

When one person in a couple loses interest in sex, both have a problem to face.


Have you experienced the Noah's Ark Syndrome in which the world seems to favor those who are coupled?

Monogamous/Open Relationships

Can an open relationship and a monogamous one exist simultaneously?


Here are several good reasons to kiss…just in case you needed some.

Sexless Relationships

Sexless relationships have causes and often have solutions as well...

Forgiving the Foibles of Friends

Are social lapses to be forgiven?

Fulfilling Your Sexual Fantasy

The best shot you have of having a sexual fantasy fulfilled is the most direct.

Sex and Food

Creating and appreciating both sex and food takes careful attention.

Intimacy and Sex

Intimacy and sex, both are desirable but not the same.

Sexual Problems With No Ideal Solutions

When it comes to sex, love does not always conquer all.


Have a dilemma? Here's a beginning to solving it.