When Your Partner Says No To Sex

What does it mean when a partner refuses sex? Talk about it to be sure you're not blowing it out of proportion or misunderstanding entirely.

Why Are You Having Sex and Have You Told Your Partner?

Hot sex or maintenance sex and any kind of sex in between — Are you and your partner having the same kind?

Men Want to Be Wanted Too

Magazine articles abound about wooing women, but there are very few about wooing your men. Yet men need the same declarations of being admired and desired.

Requiem For Leon, A Cat

Even a cat, especially a well loved one, deserves a public obituary,

Sex and the Abuse of Power

Those in power have always seen those below them as theirs for the taking. Perhaps the times finally are changing.

Can You Remain Friends With Your Ex?

Are all your major exes still in your life and would you like them to be?

Going Under the Knife

Surgery is scary, no way around it. When it can no longer can be avoided one can employ self talk, write about it, or both.

Hanging Out With Your Sweetie

There are still only so many hours in a day, but there are ways to spend more time with the one you love without shortchanging yourself or anyone else.

The "Right" Way Is Your Way, Isn't It?

When a couple has differences in the way each has always done things, it can be a topic of interesting discussion or a source of frequent conflict.

So You Think You Know Your Partner's Sexual Preferences

Even long-term partners can exchange some new information about sex together. Are you up for the risk?

Creating (or Renewing) Intimacy

Intimacy and sex are not the same thing. It's helpful to know the difference and how to achieve either or both.

How to Touch Him the Way He Likes

Has your partner told you how he likes to be touched? Do you know? Are you sure?

Are We Meant For Each Other? Is There a Way to Find Out?

What do couples fight about and are these disagreements inevitable?

Living With No Regrets

Nothing is sadder than to live a life you later wish you had done differently. You can take steps to prevent that now.

Making Time for Intimacy

Intimacy and sex are great when they are part of the same event. They aren't always. Be aware that intimacy needs to be cultivated even when sex takes care of itself.
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How Anger Can Damage Desire

What do you do when you're angry? What does your partner do? And how does it affect your sex life?

Conversations With Yourself: Put-Downs or Pats on the Back

When you talk to yourself do you say "You can do it, kiddo" or "You better not fail again, you loser." Do you habitually use the carrot or the stick, encouragement or insults?

What People Keep Asking Me About Sex and Relationships

Now you'll know what others want to know too, here, and in educational and entertaining essays on every aspect of dating and mating, socializing and sexuality.

How to Get Someone to Like You

Whether you're 15 or 75, securing the affections of your desired loved one is natural to want and challenging to obtain. Is there a secret to it?


Threesomes keep popping up in the media with a given individual's pros and cons. I don't think one can generalize. Each one is unique. Intrigued?

A Life in Balance: A Grownups' 4 H Club

One problem area of your life can disturb all others areas sending everything seriously out of balance. Take an appraising look at these 4 H's. Is your milking stool stable?

Fighting With Your Partner

Some fights may be inevitable but frequent fighting within an intimate relationship is no way to enjoy life.

The Opposite of Jealousy

Is jealousy a natural part of a romantic or sexual relationship? It doesn't have to be.

Intimate Relationships and Electronic Devices

Leaving a paper trail used to be thought of as potentially incriminating. What about an electronic one?

Is Living Together What You Expected?

Living with another person has good and bad aspects, usually both.

Is My Partner Cheating and Should I Care?

Going outside a committed relationship does not necessarily mean what you think it means to either partner and many reactions to this are possible.

My Time, Your Time, Our Time

"Time is of the essence" is written into most legal contracts. It's not, but should be, by most couples as well. How you and your partner allot your time will be critical.

What Do You Want?

You are much more likely to get what you want if you are quite clear of what that might be.

Guidelines For Dealing With A Partner's Affair

Affairs can end the relationship or strengthen it and they are always occasions for re-evaluation.

Baseless Beliefs About Love

Certain baseless beliefs and miserable myths about love and relationships set too many people up for disappointment.