My Time, Your Time, Our Time

"Time is of the essence" is written into most legal contracts. It's not, but should be, by most couples as well. How you and your partner allot your time will be critical.

What Do You Want?

You are much more likely to get what you want if you are quite clear of what that might be.

Guidelines For Dealing With A Partner's Affair

Affairs can end the relationship or strengthen it and they are always occasions for re-evaluation.

Baseless Beliefs About Love

Certain baseless beliefs and miserable myths about love and relationships set too many people up for disappointment.

"I Don't Like My Wife"

If you want to know what's going on, ask in such a way that is likely to get you an honest answer.

Sleeping Together: The Intimacy of Sharing a Bed

Intimacy takes many forms. Sharing a bed for sleep is one of them.

The Case for Looking Up Old Flames

Someone in your past may hold the key to your future. Is it worth a second look?

Finding Your Tribe

Most of us feel we want to belong somewhere. Can we find our crowd or can we create it?

Can You Fall Back in Love With Your Partner?

Falling in love is always exciting, and can be even more so when it's with your own mate.

Is It Normal? Am I?

Whatever you are, have, think about or do, be assured that you are not alone in the universe and that there are likely to be people who admire and desire whatever it is you are worried about.

Sex and Parenting

The comfort of good loving often falls to the bottom of the To Do list, just when it is most needed.

The Right Way to Bring Romance Into Your Life

“Incurable gadget collector.” “Hopeless opera fan.” Even when it’s something appropriate like “incurable cancer” or “hopeless Alzheimer's patient,” a hopeless or incurable anything sounds depressing. Why then take pride in being a hopeless romantic?

Cheating Ethically?

I can think of no circumstance in which cheating of any klind can be ethical. Can you?

What Makes A Great Lover

The ingredients that comprise a great lover may surprise you.

Unnatural Sex

Unnatural sex is absolutely relative. One must ask "Unnatural to whom?"

Ninety Minute Therapy Sessions

Psychtherapy sessions, like other intense encounters, must have a length that satisfies all parties involved.

Twelve Things Men Need to Know About Sex & Relationships

Men, is your relationship stale or your sex life dull? Here are some reminders to get things going once more...even better.

Ten Things Women Need to Know About Sex and Relationships

Women's wisdom like these ten insights into sex and relationships are invaluable and rare.

Sex Without Intimacy/Intimacy Without Sex

We all know that the ideal relationship contains both sex and intimacy, but does it have to? Is that true for everyone?

First Dates

First dates can be a fun exercise in developing your social graces.

You're Not Going to Like This: Delivering Bad News

Unpleasant news delivered considerately can sweeten the bitter pill.

Meeting Your Conditions for Sex

Not having your conditions for good sex met is a frequent cause of failed erections and no orgasms.

The Right Time For Sex

Bedtime sex is only one possibility. There are others, in case you forgot.

Tips for Dealing with Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking need not be a terrifying ordeal. One can actually learn to enjoy it.

Talking To Children About Sex

Children need accurate sex information from their parents or other loving adults in their life.

Unwanted Hugs

How can one refuse a hug with style and grace?


Fat women are the butt of jokes by some and are admired by others.

Living Alone and Liking It

Being single and living alone has some definite advantages over any other arrangement for those who choose it.

5 Tips for Saying No Gracefully

Are you frequently roped into things you regret? Learn to say no and life will be much easier.

When Your Penis Won't Do What You Want

Erections can be a sometime thing. What is your penis telling you when they don't happen?