Straight Men Who Have Sex With Other Men, Part III: Etiology

Numerous theories purport to explain the existence of straight men who have sex with other men. Though all have some empirical validation, a consensus is s-l-o-w-l-y evolving as to which is the most reflective of these males' experiences.

Straight Men Who Have Sex With Other Men: In Their Own Words

The general public agrees men that have sex with other men must be “gay” (or at least bisexual). However, some of these men offer alternative explanations that do not challenge their identity as a heterosexual male.

Straight Men Who Have Sex with Other Men, Part One

Recent research concludes the concept is far more complicated than the popular press (and its “down low” archetype) has heretofore presented. This three-part series will examine current studies of this demographic and their significance for our otherwise monolithic understanding of sexual orientation.

What Exactly Is Sexual Satisfaction?

Two recent studies inform us that sexual satisfaction consists of much more than pleasurable sensations.

Pornography and Romantic Relationships: Recent Studies

Does pornography use by males have a neutral, positive, or harmful influence on romantic relationships? Recent studies support one of these outcomes is more likely than the others.

The Uncertain Future of Male Masturbation

In the not too distant past, male masturbatory aids were limited, but technological advancements are dramatically changing the masturbation experience. However, we don't know if these will prove ultimately harmful to romantic relationships.

An Unacknowledged Harm of Masturbation

Masturbation is generally a healthy sexual behavior. Still, it can lead to longstanding sexual impairment and even a diagnosable psychiatric condition when paired with particular fantasies.

Male Sexual Fantasies and Masturbation

Research concludes there are gender-based difference in the masturbatory fantasies of males in comparison to females.

The Impact of Masturbation on Romantic Relationships

Common sense informs us that masturbation is ultimately harmful to our sexual relationships, but does research agree?

Masturbation Kills: The Dramatic History of Self-Pleasuring

Modern discourse on the topic of masturbation hasn't fully escaped the behavior's past incarnation as a tragic, and sometimes lethal, medical problem.

Male Masturbation

Masturbation is the most common male sexual behavior, but, in spite of being a universal behavior, professionals and the public know very little about the topic. How should males, their romantic partners, and even their mothers respond to self-pleasuring?

Poor Judgment? Decision-Making and Sexual Arousal

Two studies demonstrate the impact of arousal on decisions about sexual activity: Worrying about consequences occurs later rather than sooner.

Navigating Sexual Discrepancies in Relationships

The male perspective on managing sexual discrepancies in relationships.

Sexual Satisfaction and Military Service

During the 2008 Wounded Troops and Partners Conference, former Surgeon General David Satcher stated: “Sexuality is an integral part of human lives…It is intricately bound to physical, mental, and spiritual health.” Sexual health however may be a casualty of military deployment.