Hot, Mindful Sex

Want some hot, slow sex to keep warm these days/nights? Consider starting a mindfulness practice.

Fifty Shades of Grey Review

The long anticipated movie has finally hit the screens! Here are some thoughts coming from a Certified Sex Therapist.

Women Who Don't Orgasm

Many women profess being satisfied in sexual, but orgasm-less relationships. What's going on behind this trend?

Taste, Texture & Sex; Food's Sultry Senses for the Holidays

How do you enhance the holiday season in your sensuality? The foods of the season are a place to slow down and become more mindful of the many senses involved in dining, much in the same way a sexual experience can be passionate when all erotic triggers are firing. This holiday season, savor both the foods and your erotic connections. Happy Holidays.

The Power of Dressing Up: Comicon NYC, Halloween, and BDSM

How does dressing up in a costume for Halloween bring a change in the erotic dynamic in oneself and with a partner once the lights go off in the bedroom? What kind of power do you fantasize about taking or surrendering in sexual play? Can you discuss these fantasies with your partner? Here are 6 ways in which role play can enhance long term sexual relationships.

Best Mother's Day Gift Ever: Sleep

When moms ever get a chance to a get a really good night's sleep? Research shows that 7-8 hours sleep each night can prevent many physical and psychiatric illnesses long term. Giving your wife or yourself some zzzz is the best gift each night.

My Sexy Valentine

Why has your sexual energy become so weak? This Valentine's Day do something to wake up all your erotic triggers! Answer six simple questions to take your erotic temperature and gain guidance on reviving your energy.

Renegotiating Sexual Contracts in Monogamous Relationships

How can you begin a discussion with your partner or spouse about the sexual life you want without hurting their feelings? If you've been in a long-term monogamous relationship how do you introduce novel sexual activities that you've always wanted to try? This blog is devoted to frustrated partners in long term relationships.

Moms in the Middle of Daughters and Mothers on Mother's Day

How do you manage to balance the criticisms, corrections and crankiness of your mother and your daughter while holding down a job, being a homemaker, feeling like a good wife while being a good mom? The Good Mom Myth of perfection needs to be busted and confronted on every front in order to have a truly Happy Mother's Day.

Sex Esteem, Valentine’s Day Style

Celebrate Valentine's Day in a novel way, increase your Sex Esteem through trying a sexual first with your partner.

How Could Petraeus Betray Us? Infidelity Unmasked

The Petraeus affair allows Americans to learn more about infidelity and reflect on how it can happen. There are important techniques for spouses in order to avoid slipping when one becomes aware of an attraction either at work or in their daily life.

What You Can Learn From 'The Sessions'

What do you wish you had known before the first time and may still yearn to know? The story of Mark O'Brien in the movie 'The Sessions' offers able-bodied people a lot of lessons regarding the critical verbal and non-verbal communication needed for truly great sex and authentic relationships.

What Do Mothers Secretly Want for Mother’s Day?

Moms want Fifty Shades of Sleep, sensuality, and seduction.

New Year, New Sexolutions

5 Tips for A Better Sex Life in 2012

Sex on the Brain, Do Men and Women Differ All That Much?

What Does the Number of Sexual Thoughts One Has Tell you about Your Partner's Libido?

Friending Former Lovers on Facebook: Unknowingly Cheating Online

Remember your high school heart throb that you still dream about. What happens when they ask to "friend" you on Facebook?