Evolutionary Psychology Deserves Criticism

While some of the common criticisms of EP are a bit weak and EP has some theoretical strengths, fellow blogger Dr. Saad overstates things by dismissing Sharon Begley's objections as an "antiquated and perfectly erroneous set of criticisms." After all, it's not easy to be perfectly erroneous, even with lots of practice.

Obama Kills a Fly

If you are interested in getting glimpses of Obama's inner world, consider his confrontation with a persistent fly the other day. His approach to the situation appears to be classic Obama.

Another Bonobo Basher Busted!

My fellow blogger gets her facts wrong trying to dismiss bonobo non-violence and intelligence.

Tune In, Turn On, Hook Up

We betray our biases by concluding that hooking up is necessarily sadder, more lonely, or in any way inferior to what it replaces.

X-rated X-rays: Just How Sexy Do You Think You Are, Anyway?

As the Roman poet Horace put it, "Nothing is beautiful from every point of view." Believe me, outraged fellow-citizens, this applies to you, too. And nothing drains the beauty more effectively than one of these airport scanners.So please, just emply your pockets, raise your arms, and shut up already. I've got a plane to catch!

$ for "Terrorists"?

It's not enough, after robbing a man of almost a decade of his life, to open the door and say, "Sorry about that, pal. Good luck."

Is Human Life Sacred? (Part II)

Further thoughts on the question of whether human life is sacred.

False Premise: Human Life is Sacred.

To think that human life is sacred, one must ignore just about every aspect of actual human life.

On Torture, Hulk Hogan, and Korean Nukes

Rational, critical thinking skills are sorely lacking in the American public dialogue.

In Search of the Clitoral Truth

Despite what Playboy and other purveyors of fantasy would have you believe, a woman in her forties is likely to be far more sexually adventurous than an air-brushed college girl. It's a shame (and a scientific scandal) that so much of the scientific paradigm of "female sexuality" is based on this very limited, unrepresentative subject pool.

Tom Brokaw Pretends to be a Journalist (and Fails)

Wealth often has a deadening effect upon the mind. Not having to worry about dollars and cents tends to make us forget that others do.

Does God Favor Sexual Predators?

Despite their war-generating differences, Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam share a strange and shameful propensity to abuse children.

Tortured with Ecstasy

Imagine you've got a prisoner under interrogation. Sure, you could take the Cheney/Pinochet medieval approach, but these techniques only work well on TV and in the fevered imaginations of small men with more power than intelligence. What really works is building rapport and trust, getting the prisoner to look at the situation from a different perspective. What could be better for this than some Ecstasy?

How Old was "Old" 20,000 Years Ago?

Despite what nearly every expert says, once they got through infancy, most people in prehistory lived well into their 60s and even 70s, as foragers do today.

The Lucky Death of Charles Schulze

They say you should never count a man lucky until you've seen his death. Charles Schulze died a lucky man a few days ago.

Pondering Pirate Perfidy

On the Somali pirate story, the American press is missing the substance entirely.

Confessions of an Accidental Socialist

Given the comforts of life in Western Europe, who takes Republicans seriously when they shriek about the "Frenchification" of America? Have these guys ever been to Europe?

Spitzer gets Franked

In a recent piece at The Daily Beast, psychiatrist Justin Frank spins an interesting yarn about how former New York governor Eliot Spitzer (Client #9) is more attuned to financial crimes because he's got a thing for hookers.It's worth a read if you're interested in seeing just how full of crap a psychiatrist can get.


The filibuster is the Washington equivalent of a four year-old's temper tantrum in the grocery store. "Give me what I want or I'll scream and scream and scream!"

Obama British Africa

It's a pub that is a celebration of British colonial rule in Africa, named after the first African American president, whose grandfather was thrown into prison and tortured by the British because he rebelled against colonialism. Have I got that about right?

On Female Orgasm, Dollars, and Sense (More Bad Evolutionary Psychology)

"Women Programmed to be Gold Diggers." Oh boy...

Aikido Politics

In aikido, you learn to care for, honor, and protect your opponent. The point is not to dominate, but to resolve the conflict with minimal damage to everyone involved. Obama gets that.