What If Loveless Marriage Were Illegal?

If you're in a loveless marriage in MN, you might be in trouble.

Explaining the Gay: A Swing and a Miss!

Everybody seems to be scratching their heads about homosexuals these days. For evolutionary theorists, the question is: Why? If homosexuality (at least male homosexuality) is largely heritable, as seems to be pretty well documented, how does the "gay gene" persist in human populations over evolutionary time? If gay men – pretty much by definition – take themselves out of the gene pool, why are their genes still in there splashing around?

I Must Be F*&king Retarded

This is what it's come to: Rahm Emanuel, who works in the White House, called a planned attack ad by Democrats on Democrats "f--king retarded," and it's the second word people are offended by? Is anyone else confused by this? It's cool for a guy working in the White House to use the F-word, but the R-word is off limits? We've passed through the looking glass, folks.

French Paradox — Solved.

In Spain (and France), even if you’re just having a snack or an espresso, you go to a café, sit your ass down, and ENJOY IT.

Malthus Will Always Be With Us

Thomas Malthus, the world's first professional economist, will always be with us.

Men vs. Monogamy

It's fascinating to see people talking about eternal truths of human sexuality as if they were breaking news. What's next, a big kefluffle over the claim that human beings evolved like the other apes? Oh, wait . . ..

Detribalize Yourself!

The great mythologist Joseph Campbell used to explain that an essential first step toward wisdom involved detribalization. Whether we know it or not, we're all members of certain tribes, which are determined by sets of shared assumptions. To begin the process of really seeing what's going on around us, we need to recognize and question these assumptions built into our perspective.

His and Her Jealousy?

Differences in how men and women experience jealousy have more to do with culture than genetics, despite what many Evolutionary Psychologists have been preaching for decades.

On Sexual Hypocrisy

Nobody likes a hypocrite. But author Robert Wright argues in a recent piece that when it comes to marital infidelity, even more hypocrisy may be precisely what's needed.

Human Nature vs. War (Raise A Toast to Howard Zinn)

Historian Howard Zinn, who died this week, spoke truth to power fearlessly. Is anyone listening?

Mentioning Race Doesn't Make You a Racist

For mainstream American society, mixed-race families appear to have become – quite rapidly – a non-issue.

Greg Oden Apologizes for Naked Pictures — Why?

What's Greg Oden apologizing for? He's twenty-two years old. Unmarried. A great athlete. Looks pretty good in the buff, I'm guessing . . . . What, exactly, is his crime here?

Who’s Your Daddies?

While it seems common-sensical to us that one sex act can result in pregnancy, there’s no reason to think this was so obvious to our ancestors, and plenty of reason to think it wasn’t

Reporting While Distracted

Are drivers distracted by cell phones a serious danger to Americans? That's unclear, but lame "journalism" like this, heavy on emotional interviews with grieving parents but lacking even the most elemental context or sense of doubt is certainly causing brain damage throughout the country.

The Prehistory of O

150 years after On the Origin of Species was published, can't we finally accept that our ancestors evolved along a sexual trajectory similar to that of our two highly social, very intelligent, closely related primate cousins?  

Confessions of a Renegade Evolutionary Psychologist (Part I)

With all their power and influence, how on Earth had white, upper-class heterosexual American men painted themselves into this corner? If sexual monogamy runs against men's very nature, and men have always controlled the levers of power, how had male infidelity become such a big deal?

Women in Bed: What's All the Noise About? (Part II)

Women aren’t the only female primates who make a lot of noise in the throes of passion. There’s a good reason the sound of a woman enjoying a sexual encounter entices a heterosexual man. Her “copulation call” is a potential invitation to come hither.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Blessed Lies

With apologies to Mark Twain,* there are lies, damned lies, and blessed lies.Nobody needs to be reminded of lies and damned lies. We all hear them every day and normally recognize them when we do. But blessed lies are something altogether different. They're the lies we want to hear, the lies we beg to hear. The lies that make us hate truth-tellers. 

Sex Against War

A world full of angry, frustrated, isolated young men with nothing and no one to live for is a very dangerous place. Sex can be a great antidote to ideology and an effective salve to free-floating anger.

The Wisdom of George Carlin

Jon Stewart and George Carlin: cut from the same cloth.

Skin-Deep Privacy

If researchers have proven that a joint smoked on Friday night can impair function on Monday morning, they're keeping the news to themselves. Still, with no valid scientific or moral justification, employers across the country are testing workers of all kinds, and firing those who come up positive. Urine, or you're out.

Top Ten Sex at Dawn Posts

In the spirit of end-of-year lists, below is a list of the top ten posts at Sex at Dawn so far (judged by page views).

Two Roads Diverged in Old Delhi . . .

Half my lifetime ago, in the mid-80s, I was itching to make my leap into the world.

What If Tiger Were a Tigress? (Female Libido, Part I)

If thousands of generations of multiple mating are built into modern human sexuality, it’s pretty clear what all the shouting’s about.

The Power and Peril of the Ridiculous

"Americans have no sense of the ridiculous," Dr. Moreno said. Then he smiled his Groucho smile and lit up another smoke. Who was I to argue?

Sexual Terrorism and Tiger

Men are fascinated by sex with novel women. Is this still news? Does anyone still dispute this? Many, if not most men in positions of plentiful sexual opportunity will take advantage of that opportunity -- at least occasionally. Many  women will find this offensive, but what's really offensive is our collective inability (or unwillingness) to face reality.

Obama's Confusion About the Origins of War

A clear understanding of prehistory is critical to an effective response to current and future challenges. Unfortunately, President Obama is misinformed about the origins of war and thus misunderstands its relation to human nature.

Palin Comparison: How Neo-Cons Misrepresent Representative Government

Representative government means that one's interests should be represented in Washington, not one's lifestyle, educational level, or drinking partner preference.