On Elena Kagan and Lesbianism

In sexual matters, simple questions don't always have simple answers.

How The Pill Could Ruin Your Life

Liberator of millions, The Pill presents unexpected problems.

All's Fair in Love and Sperm War

"Mr. Right" might not be the best dad, biologically speaking.

Why Do Women Have Orgasms?

If female orgasm isn't biologically necessary, why does it exist?

Why Do Breasts Mesmerize?

What explains the transcendent power of breasts?

Sexual Repression

Adultery causes earthquakes? Sexual repression can cause much worse.

The Problem with Progress

When it comes to the past vs the present, even the most level-headed analysts tend to abandon any pretense of rational thought and simply declare, "Now is best! Case closed."

Is Censorship Timeless?

We get insight into a culture's changing moral structure by noting what it prohibits from public display.

What's Cooler Than Being Cool?

"If what they say is, 'Nothing lasts forever,'Then what makes love the exception?Why oh why are we so in denialWhen we know we're not happy here?"

Fear and Loathing of Nakedness

Are kids traumatized by public nakedness?

Anti-Marriage Counseling

Doubt therapists who claim to know THE TRUTH. They don't.

Messiah, or Naughty Boy?

Is Raj Patel here to save the world?

Yes Virginia, There is a Vagina!

Does menstruation make you feel like twirling? In white spandex?

Time to Renegotiate Monogamy?

It's high time for a more adult approach to adultery.

Temporary Islamic Marriage

Islamic law provides a convenient way to have a fling.

The Pope Protects Pedophiles

Is this the end for Catholicism?

The Use (and Abuse) of Darwin

Ruthless competition isn't all it's cracked up to be.

An Archbishop Sees the Light

The Devil is at work in the Vatican. No kidding.

Is Governor Charlie Crist Gay? Should We Care?

If someone is living a false life, and working hard to punish the very people who are protecting his privacy, don't those people have the right—the obligation, even—to defend themselves by exposing the lie?

"I Hate Fags!" = "I Hate Myself (Cause I'm afraid I'm gay.)"

Loud gay bashing suggests you're probably gay.

Every Man Has a Tiger in His Tank

Are all men sex addicts?

Political Chaos: When Neoconservatives Became Anarchists

The essential flaw at the heart of the American political system that very few are talking about: it's a neo-con con game.

Don't Even THINK About It!

Man sentenced to prison for possessing offensive comics.

Slimy Monogamy

What the world's only monogamous frogs tell us about human family structure.

Prehistoric PMS?

Were cavewomen moody at that time of the month?

Bronze Medal Anti-Sex Absurdity

They'll kick you out if you let a girl kiss your bronze medal!

Terror is as Terror Does

Our understanding of terrorism is wrong.

When an Adulterer Doesn't Apologize

What if public figures declared that infidelity was nobody's business?

When Love Means Helping Someone Die

Should it be illegal to help a loved one die?

What If Loveless Marriage Were Illegal?

If you're in a loveless marriage in MN, you might be in trouble.