Shit My Dad Smokes

The same people who say they want to abolish the “granny state” squawk and scold and clamor for the right to wash our mouths out with soap if we utter even the mildest of profanities.

On Elena Kagan and Lesbianism

What if Kagan is one of the millions of women who have had intimate relationships with men and women, but who doesn't consider herself bi-sexual? What if she's asexual, or pansexual, or mostly heterosexual, but with exceptions?

How The Pill Could Ruin Your Life

Caution: women taking birth control pills respond differently to male scent cues concerning immunological compatibility. This could lead to less healthy children and serious sexual problems in the marriage.

All's Fair in Love and Sperm War

The “fitness” of our prehistoric male ancestors was probably not decided in the external social world, where conventional theories tell us men competed for mates in Darwinian struggles for status and material wealth. Rather, paternity was determined in the inner world of the female reproductive tract where every woman is equipped with mechanisms for choosing among potential fathers at a cellular level.

Why Do Women Have Orgasms?

Much as women's breasts have fascinated many male, evolution-minded theorists, the female orgasm has confounded them. Like breasts, female orgasm is a major head-scratcher for mainstream narratives of human sexual evolution. It's not necessary for conception, so why should it exist at all?

Why Do Breasts Mesmerize?

In recognition of "Boobquake" recently celebrated around the world as liberated women shook their breasts (figuratively) in the face of the Iranian cleric who blamed earthquakes on female sexuality, a few words on the mysterious allure of the human female breast.

Sexual Repression: The Malady That Considers Itself the Remedy

Nothing inspires murderous mayhem in human beings more reliably than sexual repression. Denied food, water, or freedom of movement, people will get desperate and some may lash out at what they perceive as the source of their problems, albeit in a weakened state. But if expression of sexuality is thwarted, the human psyche tends to grow twisted into grotesque, enraged perversions of desire.

The Problem with Progress

When it comes to the past vs the present, even the most level-headed analysts tend to abandon any pretense of rational thought and simply declare, "Now is best! Case closed."

Is Censorship Timeless?

We get insight into a culture's changing moral structure by noting what it prohibits from public display.

What's Cooler Than Being Cool?

"If what they say is, 'Nothing lasts forever,'Then what makes love the exception?Why oh why are we so in denialWhen we know we're not happy here?"

Fear and Loathing of Nakedness

Can anyone explain to me the danger to children in seeing naked human beings? I'm no nudist (luckily for my neighbors), but this seems one of the most obviously baseless socially-constructed phobias around. I mean, what is the issue here? We're afraid the youngsters will realize that people have genitals, like dogs and cats?

Anti-Marriage Counseling

We choose how to configure our relationships. We choose whether or not to tolerate one behavior or another. If a marriage is flexible enough to accommodate an infidelity (as millions of marriages around the world are), who are we to tell these people they're wrong?

Time to Renegotiate Monogamy?

In time, we'll come to accept affairs in the same way that we've come to accept premarital sex and homosexuality: not as deviancies, weaknesses or sin, but as part of who we are and how we love.

The Pope Protects Pedophiles

Let's imagine what would happen if a school district administrator learned that a teacher was sexually abusing students. This administrator doesn't call the police. He doesn't call parents. He doesn't even fire the teacher. Instead, he has the school district pay for therapy, then quietly reassigns the teacher to another school, where the teacher goes on to abuse more students.

An Archbishop Sees the Light

Next we'll have Catholic clergy telling us that the Earth isn't the center of the universe, that women are as close to God as men, or that condoms can protect against AIDS. Slow down, fellas!

Is Governor Charlie Crist Gay? Should We Care?

If someone is living a false life, and working hard to punish the very people who are protecting his privacy, don't those people have the right—the obligation, even—to defend themselves by exposing the lie?

"I Hate Fags!" = "I Hate Myself (Cause I'm afraid I'm gay.)"

It sure seems like many of the most prominent voices making stridently judgmental declarations about the evils of homosexuality soon turn up in a wide stance in a bathroom stall somewhere.

Every Man Has a Tiger in His Tank

Who's to say Tiger Woods doesn't have ten times the self-discipline of the normal ("healthy") man, but simply faces a hundred times the temptation?

Political Chaos: When Neoconservatives Became Anarchists

The essential flaw at the heart of the American political system that very few are talking about: it's a neo-con con game.

Don't Even THINK About It!

The U.S. government is sending men to prison who have never been convicted (or even accused) of sexually abusing anyone. They'll serve time in a place where they're likely to suffer from actual sexual abuse because they possessed fictitious accounts or drawings of underage sexual situations.

Slimy Monogamy

For over 95% of our existence as a species, human beings lived in social groups where sexual monogamy would have been unnecessary and would have actually reduced evolutionary fitness overall.

Prehistoric PMS?

It's likely that ancestral women probably menstruated fewer than fifty times in their lives, whereas many modern women can expect to pass through this hormonal storm over 400 times. That's a huge difference in the wear-and-tear these hormonal storms presumably leave in their wake.

Bronze Medal Anti-Sex Absurdity

They'll kick you out if you let a girl kiss your bronze medal!

Terror is as Terror Does

Maybe we should spend less time stressing over words like "retard," and all the letter-words (n-word, c-word, etc.) and more pondering the real meaning of words like "terrorism," "collateral damage," and "enhanced interrogation."

When an Adulterer Doesn't Apologize

As the world awaits Tiger Woods's ritualistic public apology, it's worth thinking about how American culture might be different if couples – whether famous or not – dealt with their marital problems as if they were private, personal matters.