Steven Pinker's Stinker on the Origins of War

Imagine a high-profile expert stands before a distinguished audience and argues that Asians are warlike people. In support of his argument, he presents statistics from seven countries: Argentina, Poland, Ireland, Nigeria, Canada, Italy, and Russia.

Does Civilization Make Us Happy?

Science writer John Horgan recently considered a big question—maybe the biggest question of all: Has civilization been a big mistake?

The Surprising Sex Life of Marijuana

Perhaps the most interesting thing about marijuana is the plant's sex life.

Top Ten Sex at Dawn Posts From 2010

Check out the top ten most read posts from 2010. Breasts and female orgasm seem to draw a crowd.

Is Technology Making Young People Stupid?

If you view the human brain as a pure input/output machinery, then is there a real distinction between light waves bouncing off a flying bird and light waves being emitted from an LED TV depicting that very same scene? Is one better or more real than the other?

Is Pedophilia Worse than Murder?

How can it be perfectly legal and respectable to make movies in which kids are dismembered with a chain saw but it's illegal to write a book about having sex with them?

How Persecution of Gay People May Have Caused Wikileaks

As a nation, we refused to take Bradley Manning for what he was, a very smart, earnest young guy who loved his country and happened to be gay. When will American society finally graduate from high school?

Wiki-Terrorism: Get Used to It

Our age will mark either a return to the sorts of near-egalitarianism of our pre-agricultural ancestors, or it will mark a new era of barbarism as bloody and brutal as our species has never seen.

Yes We Can (But No We Won't)

Heaven help me, but it's becoming clear that I'm way more cynical than even Bill Maher!

Sex, Evolution, and the Case of the Missing Polygamists

Eric Michael Johnson explains that in a large number of human societies women may be having multiple sexual partners at any given time, but there will usually be a relatively small number of men who are the actual biological fathers of their children.

Getting Sex Backwards

Unhinged opposition to equal rights for LGTB people is an obvious indication of unresolved issues around one's own sexual orientation.

LGBT and Trapped in High School Hell? It Gets Better

Brutally high suicide rates among LGBT teens motivated Dan Savage and others to try to form a protective community. Share your story and help a kid live to tell theirs.

On Gay Jealousy

There are many ways to explain sexual jealousy in gay men without resorting to evolutionary theories of prehistoric cuckolding. Loss is loss, and nobody likes it—regardless of sexual orientation.

Message to Regular Readers

Announcing upcoming events and a place to keep up with Sex at Dawn-related news.

Megan McArdle Really Hates Sex at Dawn

Some people feel so personally threatened by the very idea of Sex at Dawn that they don't give a damn about "so-called evidence" (they assume we're making it all up anyway). Normally, they won't even let us explain what the book's about, so certain are they that it's nothing but poppycock. Some of these people write for major magazines.

Reader Question: How & Why did Male/Male Intimacy Become Taboo?

Boys in some societies on Papua New-Guinea who aspire to be the most masculine men do what they can to ingest as much semen as possible to that end, as the substance is thought to contain the essence of masculinity.

Five Things an Affair May Not Mean

Maybe we should consider cutting each other some slack as a way to hold our most important relationships together rather than insisting on a zero-tolerance policy that often results in greater suffering for everyone concerned.

The Prehistory of Prop 8

Those who appeal to a universal, timeless definition of marriage haven't a clue what they're talking about.

Sex at Dawn in the News II

Dan Savage invited me to be "guest expert" for his Savage Love sex advice column.

Maybe Levi's Just 1/3 Father?

In ancestral societies where almost everyone was having a lot of sex, and most women were either pregnant or breastfeeding (when it was unlikely they'd get pregnant), there was really no reason to link sex with pregnancy.

A Prairie Vole Companion

We who once compared ourselves to angels now see ourselves reflected in the lowly prairie vole.

First Winner of Free Copy of Sex at Dawn

Could monogamy confer evolutionary advantages that would increase fitness?

Sex at Dawn in the News

Is Sex At Dawn is "the single most important book about human sexuality since Alfred Kinsey unleashed Sexual Behavior in the Human Male on the American public in 1948?" Probably not, but it sure is nice to hear!

FAQ About Sex at Dawn (Last in Series)

If monogamy isn’t natural, why have I read that marriage is universal among all human societies?

FAQ About Sex at Dawn (Part III)

Why do middle-aged men risk so much for flings?

FAQ About Sex at Dawn (II)

So you're recommending the everyone should have an open marriage or not get married at all?

Time for Sex at Dawn!

As a way of thanking my readers here at Psychology Today, we're answering your questions and giving away a few books.

Why There Will Never Be Viagra for Women

A seven year-old friend of ours recently declared that cats and dogs are the same animal, it’s just that “the dogs are the boys and the cats are the girls.” Obviously.

Truth: The First Casualty of Chimp War

Beware the false myth of the origins of human war based upon a misleading view of our primate past.

"Corporate Humanity" is an Oxymoron

I almost wish BP's oil would inundate the entire east coast of the United States, paying special attention to Miami's white beaches, Washington's Chesapeake Bay, and New York Harbor.