All Politics is Loco (Part 1)

Why our ancestors would be dismayed by modern politics.

Sikh, and Ye Shall Find

How my life was saved by a man whose name I never asked on a hot, humid November morning in 1986.

For the Record

I hope this clarifies things enough that those who are offended by the arguments we've made in Sex at Dawn will turn their focus to the book itself rather than searching for inconsistencies in my personal history, though I realize that may be an unrealistic hope.

The Point of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

A special episode of Current TV's The Point that I recently guest-hosted. Full of frank, open, personal discussion of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. (Warning: some language may be NSFW.)

Why is Sex Such a Problem?

Watch me try to convince a skeptical TED audience in Vancouver that our ancestors engaged in frequent sperm competition. Tough room!

Ignoring Evil for Dummies

People are in disbelief about Joe Paterno. This disbelief ignores the fact that human beings are adept at ignoring evil.

Missing the Point on Prostitution

Sex is legal, and selling stuff is legal, so how can it be illegal to sell sex?

Here Comes the Future of War

If I'm right about the near-future of war, our current drift will accelerate and take us right over the falls into a whole new world any day now.

Being Pirahã Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

The Pirahã have no words for "I'm sorry." They can say, "I was bad," or some such, but do so rarely. The way to express penitence is not by words but by actions.

Watch Me Yammering on The Point

My recent appearance on The Point, discussing current events (including slut shaming in politics).

7 Things Bonobos Can Teach Us About Love and Sex

We've known for some time that bonobos (previously known as "pygmy chimpanzees") are among the most sexual of all living animals—besides, of course, humans.

Being Dexter Morgan

Both "Dexter," the program, and Dexter, the character challenge us to join the journey along the line separating the execution of moral justice from the depiction of killing.

"Open Marriage" Hits the Mainstream

The New York Times asked us to chime in on the "open marriage" discussion provoked by Newt's ex.

What Rick Santorum Doesn’t Know About Sex

Santorum is on to something when he says that sex “keeps civilization going.” But he’s wrong to credit only heterosexual reproductive sex.

Have a Merry, Trippy Christmas

Is Santa a reflection of psychedelic shamanism?

Sex at Dawn Near You

I'll be on a speaking tour in the US and Vancouver. Come say hello if you can.

Childcare, Testosterone, and the Marital Industrial Complex

Men's testosterone levels drop when they spend time with kids. Does that mean we're evolved for marriage or that we're evolved to love and protect kids—anyone's kids?

My Big Think Interview

The first installment of my Big Think interview from a few weeks ago. This one's mostly about how relevant chimps and bonobos may be to human sexual evolution.

Ill-Fated Interview Part VI

The last part of the most in-depth interview I've given about Sex at Dawn.

Ill-Fated Interview Part V

The fifth part of the most in-depth interview I've done about Sex at Dawn.

Ill-Fated Interview Part IV

The fourth part (of six) of the most in-depth interview I've given about Sex at Dawn.

Ill-Fated Interview Part III

Part 3, of 6, of the most in-depth interview I've given about Sex at Dawn.

Ill-Fated Interview Part II

Part 2, of 6, of the most in-depth interview I've given about Sex at Dawn.

Ill-Fated Interview Part I

Of all the interviewers I've spoken with in the past year, none was more thorough and professional than Mark Leviton.

Giving Sex Advice: Harder Than it Looks

I've been filling in for Dan Savage this week, while he's on vacation.

Sex at Dawn With Dan Savage

We're beyond gratified at the response Sex at Dawn has received. At the top of the list of people, we would love to thank sits Mr. Dan Savage.

3 Kinds of Ignorance Leading to Weinergate

To me, three types of ignorance/misunderstanding characterize the Weiner situation and others like it.

Satoshi Kanazawa Is the Rush Limbaugh of Evolutionary Psychology

People keep asking for my take on the recent response to Kanazawa's latest provocation. It boils down to: "What took so long?"

Slutwalking into History

The slutwalk protests aim both to reclaim the word "slut" from those who use it to try to shame women for being openly sexual creatures and that shame to where it belongs.

Steven Pinker's Stinker on the Origins of War

Imagine a high-profile expert stands before a distinguished audience and argues that Asians are warlike people.