Just a brief note to let you know that I may be coming to speak at a town near you in the next few weeks. I've just returned from a very busy mini book tour in Australia, where I spoke at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House, among other venues. Ten days in Australia and I didn't see a single kangaroo, koala, or coral reef. Clearly, I'll have to get back down under some day.

Starting next week, I'll be on a similar tour of the U.S., beginning at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore on October 19th, then continuing to the University of Chicago (where I'll share the stage with NPR's Peter Sagal), Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, and San Francisco. Here's a link to all the events. What's especially cool about this is that all the events other than the first two were organized by readers of our book: a groundswell of interest in the book and in forming/extending communities of like-minded folks. If you you think you might be one of those folks (or not), I hope you'll join us.


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