Until today, I'd never heard of Greg Oden. My involvement with basketball is limited to getting together twice a week with a bunch of guys who, to be honest, are kind to even let me on the court with them. I run back and forth and try not to get in anybody's way. So maybe there's some inside basketball angle I'm missing on this, but here's what I understand.

Dude takes some pictures of himself naked for a "lady friend." Somehow they are made public. He apologizes to all his fans.

But what's he apologizing for? He's twenty-two years old. Unmarried. A great athlete. Looks pretty good in the buff, I'm guessing . . . . What, exactly, is his crime here?

It seems to me, his "lady friend" has some 'splaining to do. How did those private mementos get out, lady?

But him? He's the victim in this. Is there something inherently horrible about sharing erotic images with erotic friends? Is nakedness itself the problem? "I'd like to apologize to all my fans for having a penis . . ." Can somebody tell me what's going on here?

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