Polyamorous at 27/Paleo/South Africa

How do you tell Mom you're polyamorous?

On "Falling in Love" vs "Loving"

Does "falling in love" prevent us from actually loving?

Nobody Can Steal Spent Money

Can we stop acting as if not dying is an option? Listen carefully, and you'll hear people say things like, "If I die, I want it to be painless." If? There is no "if" about it.

How the APA Enabled Torture

The APA was the only major organization of health professionals to see no ethical problem with the torture program.

Did "24" Prime the Pump for Torture?

Did "24"prime Americans to accept torture as a necessary evil?

When Psychologists Torture

Why didn't the APA come out against torturing prisoners long ago?

Outrage or Dismay?

Torturing people is nothing new for America.

The Mysterious Case of Primate Peacefulness

Some primates show us how peace can win out over violence.

Racist to Acknowledge Racism?

When did it become racist to mention race?

Punch-Drunk Science

Explaining how fists and faces evolved for punching and getting punched.

Porn Cameos and Other News

Some of the things I've been doing in lieu of blogging.

The Future of Sex

Will future sex even involve other people? Or will human sexuality continue to drift toward interaction with virtual partners?

The Omnigamist's Dilemma

Love for your spouse, no matter how profound and sincere, will probably not eliminate your innate yearning for erotic novelty.

3 Million Views!

Many thanks for over 3 million views!

What's a Giraffe's Life Worth?

The controversy over the killing of a giraffe in a Danish zoo illustrates American culture's dysfunctional approach to life and death.

On Sexual Omnivorousness

My controversial TED talk has been posted.

My Most Viral Posts

A countdown of my most popular posts here, over the past three years.

Is Alec Baldwin a Homophobe?

We can't know someone's inner nature and intentions based solely upon the content of their outbursts.

Ciudad de las Ideas

Come say hi in Puebla, Mexico.

But Honey, I Thought You Meant "Socially" Monogamous!

People want to know if their attraction for people other than their partner is a flaw in their wiring.

The New York Times Misleads on Monogamy

The ways Carl Zimmer keeps getting it wrong offer a fascinating insight into how difficult it can be to move beyond mainstream thinking when it comes to human sexual evolution.

Can Pedophilia Ever Be "Mild"?

Does it make sense to use the term "child sex abuse" if, as an adult, the individual doesn't feel harmed and if his or her harm can't be detected by any known empirical measures?

The Bonobo and the Atheist (a Personal Review)

Are we good to each other because religions tell us to be, or are religions merely institutionalized expressions of our innate desire to be good to each other?

On Older Men, Younger Women, and Moralistic Claptrap

Hugo Schwyzer owes Johnny Depp an apology.

Paul Krugman's Missing Metaphor

Krugman's argument makes logical sense, but the Republican's argument makes emotional sense—which isn't really, you know, sense—even if it feels just like it.

Lots Going On

Some recent adventures in media

Joe Rogan & Ari Shaffir

Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir are very smart, very funny guys.

TED 2013

An update on various goings-on.

Not All Military Adultery Results in Scandal

Can military adultery support unit cohesion?

Did Petraeus Betray Us?

If innate, victimless behavior never changes, shouldn't our expectations?