The Dark Age of Tetrachromacy Research

Why is tetrachromacy functionality testing so stalled?
Linda Moulton Howe from Doug Auld's Whistleblower Series

Heroine Linda Moulton Howe

Legendary Ufologist describes her synesthesia...

Can You Smell, Feel or Taste This GIF?

Movement triggers bonus sensations in other sensory modalities in synesthetes

Indigo Lights on Broadway

Indigo on Broadway will show audiences what it is like to be an autistic synesthete.

Nessa's Sense of Machines

Through history, people have strongly related to the inanimate. But in this generation, that's machines.

Synesthesia on Wheels

Appelusa is a synesthete and skate champion and super creative....

Purple Haze

Musician John Purvis and Jimi Hendrix: synchronicities...

Synesthesia Ink

A Portuguese musician gets a sensory tattoo...

A Sense of Color

Laser safety glasses made for surgeons, one scientist discovered, had a coincidental positive effect on the vision of people with color blindness.

The Extraordinary Sensorium of Brian Wilson

How Beach Boy Brian Wilson, deaf in one ear, manages that remarkable sound...

Colors, Sounds, Tingles

Synesthesia bonus -- tingles!

Mirror Touch

Harvard-trained physician Joel Salinas, M.D. and his extraordinary synesthetic, empathic powers

Notes That Bend Back on Themselves

Tina Larkin's musical notes exist in 3D and bend back on themselves.

Harriet Tubman An Acquired Savant, Says Rain Man's Doctor

It's time to reconsider the profound perceptual abilities of one of our nation's greatest heroines.

Machine Empath

The rise of the machine empaths continues...

Debussy for the Senses

Immersive theater group BitterSuite presents a feast for the senses.
Courtesy James Wannerton

American Election Leaving a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

The UK's James Wannerton has a taste for political figures.

Super Senses

The senses exist on a continuum with a wide range of perception across humanity.

The Man Who Tastes Time

Time is tasty for Hamrick Walters, a very unique synesthete

Mothering Synesthesia

A mother's love helps two young synesthete boys thrive...

Frankenstein's Synesthesia

Frankenstein experienced synesthesia
Courtesy CC Hart

Vox Synaesthetica, Healer-Artist

CC Hart adds more color to synesthesia community...

The Synesthete of the Shadows

The Lonely Vagabond is a Toronto legend...and a synesthete.

Johnny Chromesthesia

Johnny Lohse's paintings are reminiscent of Kandinsky...

The Chocolate Symphony

What does chocolate sound like?

Invisible Colors

A rare example of a color blind synesthete, Morgan Bauman describes the experiences.

Please Refrain from Slurping!

Slurp, snap, gurgle. Learn more about misophonia — an intolerance to eating sounds.

Her Nose Knows

Scientists are beginning to study supersmellers like talented artist Carrie Barcomb.

Nurse Literally Feels Your Pain

Mirror-touch synesthete medical professionals are the new rock stars of the bonus senses set...

The Pink Synesthesia Ranger

Bryonna Fissori is The Pink Ranger due to her synesthetic colors...