Vox Synaesthetica, Healer-Artist

CC Hart adds more color to synesthesia community...

The Synesthete of the Shadows

The Lonely Vagabond is a Toronto legend...and a synesthete.

Johnny Chromesthesia

Johnny Lohse's paintings are reminiscent of Kandinsky...

The Chocolate Symphony

What does chocolate sound like?

Invisible Colors

A rare example of a color blind synesthete, Morgan Bauman describes her experiences.

Please Refrain from Slurping!

Slurp, snap, gurgle. Learn more about misophonia — an intolerance to eating sounds.

Her Nose Knows

Scientists are beginning to study supersmellers like talented artist Carrie Barcomb.

Nurse Literally Feels Your Pain

Mirror-touch synesthete medical professionals are the new rock stars of the bonus senses set...

The Pink Synesthesia Ranger

Bryonna Fissori is The Pink Ranger due to her synesthetic colors...

Rise of the Machine Empaths

Catherine Johnston, 24, has a rare form of mirror-touch synesthesia which extends to machines.

Help Arrives for Mirror-Touch Synesthetes

Help has arrived for highly empathic mirror-touch synesthetes.

The Future of Synesthesia Research

One of synesthesia research's bright young stars, Candita Wager

Close Encounters of the Rock n' Roll Kind

Musician surrounded by synesthetic color...

Diplomatic Synesthesia

Diplomat Mo Sacirbey reports the geometric synesthesia he experiences during negotiations...

Two Synesthetes Walk Into a Bar...

What's So Funny About Synesthesia? Plenty!

A Dress of a Different Color

The dresses of the year, are, in fact, marsala!


Tetrachromats should have the deciding vote in the #WhatColorIsTheDress debate.

First Synesthete on Mars?

Synesthete Andrew Tunks believes our mind's inner space is crucial to success in outer space.

Synesthesia and Neurodiversity

The neurodiversity movement grew out of the autism community

Both Sides Now

Leigh Erceg took a "poet's plummet" and turned from rancher to aesthete overnight...

Toward a Better Definition of Synesthesia

Synesthesia needs a definition more grounded in the mostly normal way synesthetes actually experience the world.

Bricks for Nik

Alternating currents: history is finally catching up on brilliant synesthete inventor Nikola Tesla.

"Synesthesia is in the mind, not the brain" - Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Rush believes synesthesia lives in the realm of the senses and the mind, not the brain alone.

LUSH Spa's Blissful Synaesthesia Massage

LUSH's Synaesthesia Massage was created by actual synaesthetes...

Geoffrey Rush On His Synesthesia

Geoffrey Rush of Australia has several forms of synesthesia...

Deepak Chopra On The Sensorium

Deepak Chopra considers the meaning of synesthesia…

Psychology Today Among First to Synesthesia Feast

Synesthesia's Renaissance began with an article in Psychology Today by Dr. Lawrence E. Marks

Synesthesia and Will-O'-The-Wisps

From synesthesia to will-o'-the-wisps, the beautiful world created by Therese Walsh for The Moon Sisters...

Struck by Genius

Acquired savant and synesthete Jason Padgett was struck by genius.

The Girl Who Heard Colors

The Girl Who Heard Colors has an important message for young children.