Mirror Touch

Harvard-trained physician Joel Salinas, M.D. and his extraordinary synesthetic, empathic powers

Notes That Bend Back on Themselves

Tina Larkin's musical notes exist in 3D and bend back on themselves.

Harriet Tubman An Acquired Savant, Says Rain Man's Doctor

It's time to reconsider the profound perceptual abilities of one of our nation's greatest heroines.

Machine Empath

The rise of the machine empaths continues...

Debussy for the Senses

Immersive theater group BitterSuite presents a feast for the senses.
Courtesy James Wannerton

American Election Leaving a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

The UK's James Wannerton has a taste for political figures.

Super Senses

The senses exist on a continuum with a wide range of perception across humanity.

The Man Who Tastes Time

Time is tasty for Hamrick Walters, a very unique synesthete

Mothering Synesthesia

A mother's love helps two young synesthete boys thrive...

Frankenstein's Synesthesia

Frankenstein experienced synesthesia
Courtesy CC Hart

Vox Synaesthetica, Healer-Artist

CC Hart adds more color to synesthesia community...

The Synesthete of the Shadows

The Lonely Vagabond is a Toronto legend...and a synesthete.

Johnny Chromesthesia

Johnny Lohse's paintings are reminiscent of Kandinsky...

The Chocolate Symphony

What does chocolate sound like?

Invisible Colors

A rare example of a color blind synesthete, Morgan Bauman describes the experiences.

Please Refrain from Slurping!

Slurp, snap, gurgle. Learn more about misophonia — an intolerance to eating sounds.

Her Nose Knows

Scientists are beginning to study supersmellers like talented artist Carrie Barcomb.

Nurse Literally Feels Your Pain

Mirror-touch synesthete medical professionals are the new rock stars of the bonus senses set...

The Pink Synesthesia Ranger

Bryonna Fissori is The Pink Ranger due to her synesthetic colors...

Rise of the Machine Empaths

Catherine Johnston, 24, has a rare form of mirror-touch synesthesia which extends to machines.

Help Arrives for Mirror-Touch Synesthetes

Help has arrived for highly empathic mirror-touch synesthetes.

The Future of Synesthesia Research

One of synesthesia research's bright young stars, Candita Wager

Close Encounters of the Rock n' Roll Kind

Musician surrounded by synesthetic color...

Diplomatic Synesthesia

Diplomat Mo Sacirbey reports the geometric synesthesia he experiences during negotiations...

Two Synesthetes Walk Into a Bar...

What's So Funny About Synesthesia? Plenty!

A Dress of a Different Color

The dresses of the year, are, in fact, marsala!


Tetrachromats should have the deciding vote in the #WhatColorIsTheDress debate.

First Synesthete on Mars?

Synesthete Andrew Tunks believes our mind's inner space is crucial to success in outer space.

Synesthesia and Neurodiversity

The neurodiversity movement grew out of the autism community
Courtesy Leigh Erceg

Both Sides Now

Leigh Erceg took a "poet's plummet" and turned from rancher to aesthete overnight...