Fresh Food as a Muse for Visionary Gardeners

Adaptive Reuse of Industrial and Commercial Buildings for Urban Agriculture and Increased Well Being

WORLD SENSORIUM: The World Olfactory Social Sculpture

A single complex scent comprised of culturally associative aromatic phytogenic materials of world flora experienced in the olfactory domain.

Re-Made in America

A newly launched idea that "flips" mass fashion is bringing the fashion industry in sync with t he way people now live their lives.

Fashioning a Socially Responsible Society

 Eco-fashion Couture Culture

Olfactory Art: A New Genre

When art is made new so are we.

Olfaction and Conception

Like a bee or hummingbird is attracted to a flower, human sperm smell its way to the egg.

Dating, Mating and Olfaction

How we choose our mates and why many of us wake up one morning to find we're no longer attracted to them.

Power of Place / Power of Art

Overnight in a remote rustic cabin. No phone. No television. No radio. No computer. Why, you might ask?