Confessions of a Heavy Heart: Physical Weight and Secrets

Several experiments showed that People who carry secrets feel physically burdened and experience a sensation similar to constantly carrying a heavy weight on their shoulders. It is recommended to try to share the secret with someone to ease the burden

Warm Cups Warm Hearts

Touching a warm or cold object such as a cup of coffee influence our behavior, Studies have shown that those who touched a warm cup of coffee judged another person as a warmer, nicer person. Moreover, those who touched a warm object were more generous than those who touched a cold object. These findings have direct implications to our life.
The Power of Your Pose

The Power of Your Pose

Most organizations and relationships are hierarchical with those who are more powerful than others. However, you don't necessarily need to be in a powerful role in order to feel powerful. Studies have shown that power originates from and is expressed not only through roles but through bodily postures. Both animals and humans exhibit powerful and powerless poses.