Best and Worst New Year's Resolutions

Look not to kale or collards.

A Million Women Proved Us Right: You Can Thrive

The Million Women study confirms the common flaws in work on happiness and health. Should you worry?

This Psych Major Tweets Bush

Will tweets on #ThisPsychMajor help psychology today?

7 Secrets to Living Long and Well

Do not ask centenarians (100-year-olds) what they think and do. Instead, here are the magic seven tips.

Groupies, Deviants, Devils and Flourishing

Should we blame wild music, or outlandish art, or the over-the-edge theater for adolescent deviance, or can it be helpful?

Why We Get Such Dumb Advice About Love, Money and Health

Does not every teenager already know you should comb your hair and look for a kind, suitable partner? What kind of dumb advice is this?

What's in a Name? A Lot More Than You Think.

What are the little things in your room and your life telling you?

Do Eating Eggs and Dumping Your Man Keep You Healthy?

Should we believe a super-centenarian and eat eggs and stay single?

Retirement: Good Bad Good Bad Good Bad?

Should you retire? Should you save for retirement? Should we retire retirement?

Will Your Genes Keep You Happy & Healthy to 110?

Can research on the genes of the very old thrivers and survivors discover secrets to help us all live a happy and healthy life? A new study of supercentenarians has just been published.

Personality, Your Money, and Your Health

What does your health and happiness have to do with your money? It is not so much what we are hearing about expert decision-making, or about status and stress.

Oldest Living Man Dies At Age 111 With Sense of Humor Intact

Do you think the secret to longevity is stress avoidance or a sense of humor? Learn the truth.

The Ideal Career for You

When choosing a career, finding the “perfect match” to your personality does not necessarily put you on a path toward thriving and long life. It was quite surprising to us what mattered more. The results were good news for career seekers.
Negative Emotions Are Not Necessarily Bad for Your Health

Negative Emotions Are Not Necessarily Bad for Your Health

Which is best? Laughing, prancing through orchards, or picking berries.

Happy Is as Happy Does

Happiness is not the same thing as the pursuit of happiness. The secret is in the pursuit. Modern research on happiness confirms what Thomas Jefferson intuited.

Dr. Oz, Orgasms, and Health

Should we be recommending lots of sexual activity in order to stay healthy? Dr. Oz has brought the issue to the forefront.

A Little-Known Secret to a Longer, More Connected Life

I was very surprised when I discovered that putting away your camera is one of the secrets to health, happiness, and well-being.

How Young People Can Be Happier: Lessons from Old People

Why do so many people say that they would not want to live beyond age 80 or 90? The answer points to the secret for being happy and healthy throughout life.

Why Don't Comedians Live Longer?

Could laughing a lot and cultivating cheerful thinking mobilize your immune system and save your life?

You Are What You Eat?

Do you feel proud when you put on your new jeans, style your hair, and eat your arugula while sipping Chardonnay? Can you eat to better health and happiness?

What Does It Mean to Relax? And Should You?

Feeling overwhelmed with work or homework? The message from the news is relax and don't so work hard, but that is a misreading of the research findings.

101-Year-Old Is Happy Without New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions never worked; instead try doing more of the worthwhile things you really love.
Science and The Good Life

Science and The Good Life

Does science add to what we know from philosophy and religion about the good life?

Facebook, Dogs, Happiness, and Health

Which is most likely to make you significantly happier and healthier? 1. Play with the dog. 2. Play with a cat. 3. Post to your “friends” on Facebook.

The How and Why of 100 Years of Happiness

Want to be happy and healthy for 100 years? A 100-year-old man in a 90-year study shows a way to good health and happiness. It is a unique case of a lifetime study of unparalleled scope, and a physician-participant who lived through it.
The Worst New Year's Resolutions You Can Make

The Worst New Year's Resolutions You Can Make

Most new year's resolutions are a bad idea. A 100-year-old man shows a better way to good health and happiness.

Should You Get a Mammogram or Prostate Test?

Do you want someone cutting up your breast or prostate? There are other ways to think about the dilemma of medical tests like mammograms and P.S.A (prostate) tests.
How Long Will Barack Obama Live? Premature Aging?

How Long Will Barack Obama Live? Premature Aging?

Have you seen the lame pictures? Are the stresses of the presidency aging and weakening President Obama? Now that he is 50, what are his chances for a long life?