Twas the Season to Consume

If the environment is important to us, we need to take the effects of excessive consumption seriously. The expression "waste not, want not" is relevant to the world as well as to our waistline.

Why I Voted For Obama

As a psychologist and as an American, I felt it was my duty to vote for the person I thought would promote mental, social & environmental health.

Virtual or Reality... Time to Unplug?

All of us need to monitor the amount of time we spend in the virtual world. Even when the natural world doesn't play by our rules.

New York State of Mind

We often forget that we’re a part of nature in an interdependent albeit sometimes adversarial relationship. Even a New York City girl needs a connection to the wild. However nature is not just a tool for us to use for our own good.

Parenting Confessional and the Importance of Green Play

Nature and children are natural playmates-they're both wild and messy, unpredictable and beautiful