America Needs a Penile Implant Surgery Market

Healthcare consumerism is hurting men with erectile dysfunction.

The Ice Man's Prostate

Urology conventions are different.

Saved by Prostatitis

 He cheated on his wife. Then his urethra hurt. Then he got lucky. It was just prostatitis.

Please Ask, Please Tell

Practical Darryl's suggestions for gay and other patients. And also their doctors.


A thing that brings us together.

Death in a Sink

Gender science marches on.

How's it Hangin'?

Trauma in the tropics.

Training Surgeons, Not Sissies

Surgical training is hard, which is fine.

Bag Man

Some want a good outcome, some to avoid coinsurance.

Married to Doctor MacGyver

Why go to the emergency room when there's a ladder in the shed?

Flour Child

How the lawyers screwed up dessert.

Medical Mongers and Misfits

On the perils of being a patient.

Giovanni Jerks Off

When not to call your surgeon.

Tony Blue Eyes

Tony Blue Eyes stole from Medicare and is going to jail. But if we want to get money to the bedside, we'll have to look beyond the crooks. We'll have to look at the lawyers, politicians, and us.

Scalpel ... Suction ... Tweet

Now that the marketing department has a home in the operating room, who's ready for surgery?

The Good Germ: Balance Matters

Too much weight, too little weight. Too much wine, not enough wine. What about germs? Can you have too many? Can you have too few?